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That all depends on which state and what county in the state. Of-course you have to factor in transportation costs if you live in more rural areas. My bet would be to find a nice small town that still exists with at least a few thousand people. Make sure you look at property taxes, local laws and more importantly support the local shops because you don't want those going out of business if you live in a small area far away from other populated centers.

Agenda 21 is near, and this is why they want everyone dependent on the internet for everything. They want to bankrupt all the local businesses and create online monopolies that will then have total control over all prices: commodities and services. The goal is a cashless grid and to bankrupt all the small rural and suburban communities and force people into the disarmed, corrupt and violent mega-cities.

Prepare wisely, while you still can. Major institutions and governments are the enemies of old-school Americana and they want places like "Mayberry" (an Andy Griffith reference to good 'ol towns) either burnt to the ground or bankrupted.