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Hardware stores won't shut down, unless we become a third world nation. Which, read my lips, may actually happen one day so be prepared in advance.

As far as DVDs, I know, that's why I have my favorite old movies and TV shows not only on DVD, but the dvd files (VIDEO_TS) are backed up on flashsdrives that I have stored offline. I have a DVD ripper that can convert/rip those files onto more DVDs if I need to do that in the future. And yes, I know what P2P clients are, I use Soulseek currently to download music.

Yep, THAT is the problem. And today most students come back completely clueless and brainwashed with worthless degrees after going into $20,000+ student loan debts while they flip burgers at part time jobs struggling to pay that debt back off the next 30+ years.

The communist takeover of the school system has been complete.

Trade schools are the only other solution, they'll teach you skills you need to know to get a decent job. Unfortunately Americans today have to compete with foreign slave labor flooding into the country (thanks a lot to Obama and all the dems & cuckservatives!) This will drive down wages, all as planned by the Soviet-style takeover of the US.