Obama Wanted To Disarm America's Gun Owners... Trump Wants To Disarm North Korean Dictator... Which Is Worse? Reader 10/11/2017 (Wed) 21:07:21 Id: ffd5c0 No. 2341 del
In an interview with Forbes that was published this week, President Donald Trump revealed that he did not hold back when discussing North Korea with former President Barack Obama.

“I mean President Obama told me — sitting right there, the two of us. He said that the previous — in the meeting we had prior to my coming into the White House — he said that was his toughest decision,” Trump said.

“But I said, but you didn’t make a decision, because you didn’t do anything. You let it go on,” he added.

Trump believes that previous administrations, especially Obama’s, should have dealt with the problems posed by North Korea and and its leaders’ nuclear aspirations.

He thinks that Obama’s course of action was simply to do nothing.

“I just, I feel strongly you cannot allow him to have nuclear weapons,” Trump explained, referring to current North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

In the interview, Trump also addressed a tweet he posted earlier this month in which he said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was “wasting his time” attempting diplomacy with North Korea.

While Obama was president, rather than focusing on North Korea's weaponry... he was eyeballing America's weaponry and displayed content towards our own 2nd Amendment rights.

What do you think is more of a threat to the US? American gun owners... or North Korea's nuclear capability?

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