Reader 10/11/2017 (Wed) 13:56:09 Id: 2cdc24 No. 2323 del
>Try your local FBI building

Yah, and then end up red listed and an official surveillance target for speaking out about government-sponsored terrorism. If your lucky, they won't bump you off in the middle of the night.

>join your local veterans group and plea

That's a much better idea but you'd still have some brickheads who would demonise the shit out of you in front of their pals. Not all vets are fully awake, and those that aren't know how to break your back if you dare offend them by going against the consensus.

So a little anonymous plea on an image board can't be such a bad alternative option considering all the other pitfalls.

Be my guest though, I'll praise you for being much braver than I am if you follow through with it.