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damn your near-numeral perfection-ness!
Way I see the 'war' unfolding is the others wanted to perpetuate it to keep up the MIC taxpayer bilking scam.
If he allows Mattis to do what he wants, then there will be no more "war on terror." Because it'd be over.
Ending the CIA program's over halfway there, now let's see if he's got the guts to see that through to the end and wipe out (((their))) assets in the region.
Once all Insane McCain's friends have been bombed to dust over there, the "moderate muslim" resistance movement will look a lot less organised.
Keep in mind as well not to confuse "war on ISIS" with "war on terror" since ISIS is actually not a terror group but a private army, ambitious bedouin goatherders given modern toys and direction by (((western))) shit-stirrers
Though the best case scenario IMO is actually not winning the war on terror, but wiping out ISIS and letting the natives get back on the poppy fields....Which will in turn negate the money and power of the south american cartels, making them easier to deal with. Letting the taliban sell dope to college dopes actually assists with a more pressing local security problem. The threat of a single bombing every 8 years is a hell of a lot less costly than the constant stream of rapists and killers hopping back and forth across the border. (and they'll probably lose their reason for blowing things up anyway if the US packs up and leaves entirely)
The Ryancare thing looks to be the most troublesome, as it shows he's getting pushed towards listening to some 'bad hombres' up there by supposedly trustworthy people. Probably tired by now, but it's time to break out the old "blame kushner" banner again.
He's probably getting paid off to pressure Ivanka to tell 'daddy' what a good idea it is.
If only he'd taken the other one.
The GS guys count more as "Hollywood" (though that means they are still globalists) since he met Mnuchin while he was running Rat Pac studios. That one can fall a lot of different ways, depending on which Hollywood (Voight's or Jolie's) they prefer to see survive the entertainment biz crash.

how in the fuck did a communist sHill bot find this place? Who's been posting on plebbit? Gonna need to GET THA CHOPPAHS