North Korea claims to have developed hydrogen bomb Reader 09/03/2017 (Sun) 21:24:20 Id: 3ecdb5 No. 1558 del
I'm getting fed up with this. I could have accepted them having a few nukes, and acting crazy, but with the constant threats of the psdt two decades I can't trust them to actually be rational. They have a long history of kidnapping too and randomly shelling the South Korean island and stuff.
Invading them would not be as unethical the as Iraq because they shown us they have nukes and are threatening to nuke the US and any of her allies they can; their WMDs are neither a lie nor a mistake as Iraq was.

So can we just blow them up already and get it over with? Seoul getting leveled and a couple of nukes from them are a reasonable tradeoff versus waiting for them to get stronger. All other nuclear countries have been responsible enough to not ever use them, but North Korea refuses to negotiate with pretty much everyone, and doesn't really try to enter international agreements with anyone. They have been under China's aegis and have no need for more powerful nukes to defend themselves, but they keep building them to terrorize their innocent neighbors.