Reader 08/26/2017 (Sat) 10:51:37 Id: 9e6592 No. 1495 del
>So what the fuck is the benefit of giving Nazis who avoid listening to verbal arguments free speech so we can just have a screaming conpetition? The purpose of having free speech is so you can argue freely and better scrutinize your views, not so you can only present one side by the force of your lungs.

Peripheral groups shouting at each other is itself part of the larger discussion. It's sort of like debates: it's not about convincing the opponent, it's about dragging the opponent down with you while you make total cock of yourself on stage, so that the audience can distance themselves and feel smugly superior while they confirm their *own* biases.

Or sometihng like that. It was more concise the way I heard some other guy put it.