Reader 08/11/2017 (Fri) 21:36:47 No. 1363 del
Again. Agree with you. Those things are evil. But don't ask a normie to choose between NFL on wide screen and his privacy.
But get him a cheap router that filters evil samsung/lg/apple/advertisers ip ranges and routes the tv via a vpn, (And maybe shows him a nice graphic on his tablet of what shit his tv is attempting to ex filtrate) and maybe they'll opt for the extra privacy on the 5'000$ TV.

15) This is bad advice, if you've lost control of your webcam, then someone already has root on your device. (And you can't disable mics and cameras on most laptops)
Instead, give them a secure OS, or a device that lights up when a usb port start being more heavily used. Or hell just a program that pops up a message warning you that the camera is in use: