Reader 08/11/2017 (Fri) 21:28:29 No. 1362 del
Let's talk practical about your points:

19) Exif on cameras. Camera geeks have been modifying firmware of cameras for extra features for years now. Make it easy to install a non botnet firmware and publicize the fact. Download photos on your facebook feed and re-upload them with the exif data overlay-ed / as a water mark on the photos. Make people notice.

18) Good point. But again. Tell a normie he should re-install every 6 months and they'll roll their eyes at you. Give them a 1 click install usb key of a no-maintenance no-bs version of ubuntu. Make it impossible to fuck up. Give them an easy option for a clean base for their digital life.

17) Agree with you about cars. Right now a normies' options are to pay a guy to remove the electronics (Only really possible with older BMWs), pay a guy to install an OSS fireware (prius hackers are the only ones that do this afaik), or buy a multi band low range jammer and block the car's ability to be remote controlled. (Must only be strong enough for one car, and not a city block).

If you make the jammer option cheap and small, people may buy it and attach it to their car keys.