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Wrong. I have heard plenty about this topic and heave heard interviews from both lawyers and victims about this topic.

FIRST thing you need to know is your Constitutional rights. Memorize them. If they ever come to your door, tell them you must get a lawyer before letting them in, and do not allow them in. Tell them they'll need to get a warrant.

You DO NOT have to talk to (or even answer the door) to the CPS officials. If they come to you, simply say "I am sorry but I must contact my lawyer before speaking to you." Even if they have a warrant, you ALWAYS get a lawyer involved before ever talking to them - they will use everything you say to them against you in the State-run kangaroo courts.

Always inform your kids before hand not to talk to officials, or at least not to talk about anything personal. The abusive corrupt State will use ANY information they possibly can against you and your family.

Make sure you have friends and family willing to testify how you are a good parent in the courts, that always helps. The more people who are on your side the better, and always contact people (and press if you so choose) BEFORE you get slapped with a gag order. Let them know what the abusive State is trying to do to break up your family BEFORE they force you to sign a "no-talk" agreement (which they always inevitably do to keep away the bad PR against them).