Terror Strikes London Again : Via Acid Attacks Reader 07/14/2017 (Fri) 05:44:55 Id: fe5810 No. 1206 del
Breaking News : Police Searching For 2 Suspects In 4 London Acid Terror Attacks

>Metropolitan Police are searching for two separate suspects who have been involved in a total of four ‘acid attacks’ in London.

>Police state the two suspects drove by pedestrians on mopeds and tossed acid into their faces.

>All four attacks were carried out in just over an hour between 10:25 PM and 11:40 PM last night.

>The first attack happened on the Hackney Road junction with Queensbridge Road in London, when two men on a moped drove up alongside the victim, also on a moped, and threw acid in his face.

>One of the attackers stole the victim's moped and the other attacker drove away on the moped they arrived on.

>Then at 11 PM, two males driving on a moped threw acid in another person’s face on Shoreditch High Street.

>A similar instance also occurred after 11 PM on Cazenove Road, Hackney, where a corrosive substance believed to be acid was again sprayed in another victim’s face.

>Then police were later called to another instance at 11:37 PM on Chatsworth Road, where two males on a moped pulled alongside him and sprayed liquid in his face, stealing his moped.

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