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Good! Trump Bans Transgender Individuals From Military Service Reader 08/07/2017 (Mon) 15:21:24 Id: 404390 [Preview] No. 1293 [Reply]
President Trump just sent liberal snowflakes across America scrambling with a 3-tweet statement sure to be the talking point that proves his fascist ways...

After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow......

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 26, 2017

....Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming.....

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 26, 2017

....victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 26, 2017

The Defense Department estimates as many as 7,000 transgender troops serve in the active-duty force of 1.3 million.

President Obama's final defense secretary, Ash Carter, issued a directive last year that permitted transgender troops to serve in the military, and to undergo reassignment surgery. That step left a decision for Trump Secretary of Defense James Mattis to make a decision on whether to allow new transgender troops to enter the military.

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Reader 08/07/2017 (Mon) 15:23:53 Id: 404390 [Preview] No. 1294 del
Sorry this news may be a week or two old, I could not get this posted to any chan in time until now... more will be posted and then I'll keep the news up to date.

Declassified Memos Show Obama's NSA Spied On Americans Way More Than You Thought Reader 08/07/2017 (Mon) 15:02:16 Id: 9c28eb [Preview] No. 1291 [Reply]
Back in May the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) found that the National Security Agency (NSA), under former President Obama, routinely violated American privacy protections while scouring through overseas intercepts and failed to disclose the extent of the problems until the final days before Donald Trump was elected president last fall.

"The October 26, 2016 Notice disclosed that an NSA Inspector General (IG) review...indicated that, with greater frequency than previously disclosed to the Court, NSA analysts had used U.S.-person identifiers to query the result of Internet "upstream" collection, even though NSA's section 702 minimization procedures prohibited such queries...this disclosure gave the Court substantial concern."

The court order went on to reveal that NSA analysts had been conducting illegal queries targeting American citizens "with much greater frequency than had previously been disclosed to the Court"...an issue which the court described as a "very serious Fourth Amendment issue."

"Since 2011, NSA's minimization procedures have prohibited use of U.S.-person identifiers to query the results of upstream Internet collection under Section 702. The October 26, 2016 Notice informed the Court that NSA analysts had been conducting such queries in violation of that prohibition, with much greater frequency than had previously been disclosed to the Court."

"At the October 26, 2016 hearing, the Court ascribed the government's failure to disclose those IG and OCO reviews at the October 4, 2016 hearing to an institutional 'lack of candor' on NSA's part and emphasized that 'this is a very serious Fourth Amendment issue.'"

Now, new memos obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) via a FOIA request detail even more violations that occurred during the Obama administration which include everything from illegally survielling people on U.S. soil to sharing unredacted documents that included unmasked names of American citizens. The Hill reviewed the memos and offered the following summary details:

For instance, the government admitted improperly searching NSA’s foreign intercept data on multiple occasions, including one instance in which an analyst ran the same search query about an American “every work day” for a period between 2013 and 2014.

There also were several instances in which Americans’ unmasked names were improperly shared inside the intelligence community without being redacted, a violation of the so-called minimization procedures that President Obama loosened in 2011 that are supposed to protect an Americans' identity from disclosure when they are intercepted without a warrant. Numerous times improperly unmasked information about Americans had to be recalled and purged after the fact, the memos stated.

“CIA and FBI received unminimized data from many Section 702-tasked facilities and at times are thus required to conduct similar purges,” one report noted.

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Reader 08/07/2017 (Mon) 15:04:43 Id: 9c28eb [Preview] No. 1292 del
How can one government "secure" it's own nation if they are more concerned about their own citizens than actual foreign enemies?

Arrested DNC Staffer Awan Retains Long-Time Clinton Associate For Legal Help Reader 08/07/2017 (Mon) 14:55:42 Id: a3d7b4 [Preview] No. 1290 [Reply]
After getting arrested Monday night at Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia while attempting to flee the country on a flight to Qatar, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz' IT staffer, according to Conservative Review, has decided to hire a lawyer with longstanding connections to the Clinton family for legal help.

Chris Gowen, a founding partner at Gowen, Rhoades, Winograd and Silva, apparently did a little bit of everything for the Clintons over the course of multiple years including working in the Clinton White House, helping President Bill Clinton write his book, "My Life", and serving on Hillary's 2008 presidential campaign. Per Gowen's bio:

Mr. Gowen left the Public Defender’s office to work for former President William Jefferson Clinton and then-Senator Hillary Clinton. Chris was a fact checker for President Clinton’s memoir, My Life. He also served as a traveling aid for President Clinton’s national and international trips. Chris finished his tenure with the Clintons by directing the advance operations for then-Senator Hillary Clinton during her 2008 presidential campaign.

Another biography, published on the American University website, says Gowen worked with several other controversial Clinton projects, including The Clinton Global Initiative, The Clinton Foundation, and The Clinton Health Access Initiative.

Shortly after Awan’s arrest, Gowen immediately jumped into the fray and hit the ground running with allegations that Awan was a victim of Islamophobia. He labeled Awan’s arrest as part of “a right-wing media-driven prosecution by a United States Attorney’s Office that wants to prosecute people for working while Muslim"...it's almost as if the words are coming straight from Hillary's mouth.

As we noted last night, Imran Awan has been charged with bank fraud but it is unclear whether that charge is just a placeholder for other charges that are yet to come. While details are scarce, media reports have alleged that Awan and his brothers potentially ran a procurement scheme in which they bought equipment, then overcharged various House members that employed their IT firm. Meanwhile, some congressional technology aides have alleged that the Awan’s were blackmailing representatives based on the contents of their emails and files, due to the fact that these representatives have displayed unwavering and intense loyalty towards the former aides.

As background, Imran was first employed in 2004 by former Democrat Rep. Robert Wexler (FL) as an “information technology director”, before he began working in Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office in 2005.

The family was paid extremely well, with Imran Awan being paid nearly $2 million working as an IT support staffer for House Democrats since 2004. Abid Awan and his wife, Hina Alvi, were each paid more than $1 million working for House Democrats. In total, since 2003, the family has collected nearly $5 million.

In total, Imran's firm was employed by 31 Democrats in Congress, some of whom held extremely sensitive positions on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

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George Soros Funded Media Matters Shills For McMaster Reader 08/07/2017 (Mon) 01:45:54 Id: c61576 [Preview] No. 1287 [Reply]
George Soros Funded Media Matters Shills For McMaster

>The David Brock led group, Media Matters for America, which is also funded by George Soros, is now shilling heavily in favor of General H.R McMaster.
>McMaster, who is President Trump's National Security Adviser, has been embroiled in controversy lately from right wing pundits who suggest that McMaster has been directly trying to subvert the Trump Presidency by taking actions into his own accord.
>While it's true H.R. McMaster has made some very questionable decisions as of late, including granting top secret security clearances to Susan Rice, it remains to be seen as to whether or not these acts were taken with or without President Trump's approval, contrary to the continued opinions of pundits outside the Administration.
>To top it off, Media Matters is apparently now praising the actions taken by H.R. McMaster, something that should have every Trump supporter genuinely worried over since the organization is historically Anti-Trump.
>“Media in support of President Donald Trump are calling for the ouster of Trump’s national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, accusing him of being a ‘globalist’ ‘traitor’ who is ‘aligned with the enemies of Trump and America,’ ” Media Matters wrote on its website just recently.


Reader 08/07/2017 (Mon) 14:51:10 Id: 4c5330 [Preview] No. 1288 del
wow bumping real news

Reader 08/07/2017 (Mon) 14:53:30 Id: 4c5330 [Preview] No. 1289 del
I have a problem with posting on 8chan after getting a new VPN. I did double check to see if my DOM storage is enabled, and yes it is. I'm wondering if 8chan is starting to block VPNs now, not only Tor use.

Internet Censorship Bill Would Spell Disaster for Speech and Innovation Anonymous 08/05/2017 (Sat) 21:24:44 Id: 434403 [Preview] No. 1283 [Reply]
There’s a new bill in Congress that would threaten your right to free expression online. If that weren’t enough, it could also put small Internet businesses in danger of catastrophic litigation.

Don’t let its name fool you: the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA, S. 1693) wouldn’t help punish sex traffickers. What the bill would do (PDF) is expose any person, organization, platform, or business that hosts third-party content on the Internet to the risk of overwhelming criminal and civil liability if sex traffickers use their services. For small Internet businesses, that could be fatal: with the possibility of devastating litigation costs hanging over their heads, we think that many entrepreneurs and investors will be deterred from building new businesses online.

Make no mistake: sex trafficking is a real, horrible problem. This bill is not the way to address it. Lawmakers should think twice before passing a disastrous law and endangering free expression and innovation.
Section 230: The Law that Built the Modern Internet

SESTA would weaken 47 U.S.C. § 230, as enacted by the Communications Decency Act (commonly known as "CDA 230" or simply “Section 230”), one of the most important laws protecting free expression online.

You might remember the fight over the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (CDA), a law designed to put harsh restrictions on free speech over the Internet. The bill passed despite overwhelming opposition from Internet users, but with EFF’s help, the bill’s censorship provisions were gutted by the Supreme Court in 1997.

One key piece of the bill that remained was Section 230. Section 230 deals with intermediaries—individuals, companies, and organizations that provide a platform for others to share speech and content over the Internet. Section 230 says that for purposes of enforcing certain laws affecting speech online, an intermediary cannot be held legally responsible for any content created by others. The law thus protects intermediaries against a range of laws that might otherwise be used to hold them liable for what others say and do on their platforms.

Section 230 laid the groundwork for the explosion in U.S. Internet business that’s taken place over the past two decades. Think of how many websites or services you use host third-party content in some way—social media sites, photo and video-sharing apps, newspaper comment sections, and even community mailing lists. All of those providers rely on Section 230. Without Section 230, these businesses might have to review every bit of content a user wanted to publish to make sure that the content would not be illegal or create a risk of civil liability. It’s easy to see how such measures would stifle completely lawful speech.

If SESTA becomes law, it will place that very burden on intermediaries. Although large intermediaries may have the resources to take on this monumental task, small startups don’t. Internet startups—a major growth engine in today’s economy—would become much more dangerous investments. Web platforms run by nonprofit and community groups, which serve as invaluable outlets for free expression and knowledge sharing, would be equally at risk.

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Reader 08/06/2017 (Sun) 17:13:05 Id: 0d506d [Preview] No. 1285 del
Very gay indeed

Reader 08/06/2017 (Sun) 20:12:28 [Preview] No. 1286 del
Tell that to instagram.

Over 1000 Pedophiles Busted In Nationwide Sting Reader 08/05/2017 (Sat) 06:59:14 Id: 12664d [Preview] No. 1278 [Reply]
#PedoGate Is Real: Over 1,000 Just Arrested In Major Pedophile Sex Trafficking Bust

>The endless campaign to take down the monsters that creep through the shadows harming innocent children is a never ending cycle of decaying morale for those involved in the operations to destroy child sex trafficking networks.
>Most of the mainstream media continue to turn a blind eye to the continuous raids against these horrible creatures known as pedophiles who harm children and prey upon their youth to satisfy their moloch worshipping sadistic fetishes.
>News is now coming in of another victory in the fight against the horrendous actions that terrorize these kids for life, as a pastor, a state trooper, and a convicted sex offender were among a whopping 1,000 people arrested in a month long campaign which targeted individuals who were trying to sell or buy sex across the country.
>Investigators say these these new arrests were part of the National Johns Suppression Initiative, which is a widespread series of stings aimed at reducing child sex trafficking in the United States.
>The latest sting operations occurred from June 28th until this past Monday, as law enforcement authorities cracked down on three Illinois brothels and arrested a convicted child molester in Seattle to help lead them to the final arrests.
>Law enforcement in Harris County, Texas, and in Seattle, Washington, say they have made 170 and 160 arrests respectively just in their jurisdictions as a result of the information obtained during the investigation.
>Sheriff Thomas J. Dart of the Cook County, Illinois Sheriff's Department was the driving force involved in the operation alongside 37 separate law enforcement agencies across 17 individual states.

Reader 08/05/2017 (Sat) 07:17:15 Id: 35d561 [Preview] No. 1279 del
Just drop in the bucket. Still good news.

Reader 08/05/2017 (Sat) 07:17:52 Id: 35d561 [Preview] No. 1280 del
*Just a drop in the bucket.

Reader 08/06/2017 (Sun) 03:07:31 Id: e03984 [Preview] No. 1284 del
Damn a state trooper too...

Watch Vladimir Putin Catch Fish With His Bare Hands Reader 08/05/2017 (Sat) 08:58:44 Id: 8426c0 [Preview] No. 1281 [Reply]
Russian President Vladimir Putin could be seen living up to his reputation as a true man of the Russian outdoors this week, as he enjoyed a brief fishing trip with Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu in Tuva Republic.
Read more at https://m.liveleak.com/view?i=4ea_1501895304#w82CeE6GGoG7Mk1h.99

Reader 08/05/2017 (Sat) 20:25:22 Id: 8b6d51 [Preview] No. 1282 del
Russians eat whatever propaganda his masculine PR agency/ photoshoots put out.

Pedophile Priest Paul Shanley Released From Prison Reader 07/31/2017 (Mon) 06:14:21 Id: ef079a [Preview] No. 1258 [Reply]

The now 87 year old convicted Pedophile was accused by so many children of assault that it created the now infamous Catholic sec abuse scandal that is known as the ‘domino effect’, which literally resulted in the names of over 4,000 clergyman and other religious figures being placed into a sex abuse database

Reader 08/02/2017 (Wed) 06:49:58 Id: d85847 [Preview] No. 1266 del
(856.22 KB 1000x1357 1501608444492.jpg)
Christards will ignore this. God sure works in mysterious ways. He loves watching as priests molest boys from every possible angle and through his omnipresence and omniscience he feels everything, and including the confused emptions and lust. What a pervert.

Reader 08/02/2017 (Wed) 23:06:06 [Preview] No. 1272 del
>the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests
Democrats Teachers are the real racists rapists

Reader 08/03/2017 (Thu) 14:54:59 Id: 4473c5 [Preview] No. 1273 del
Christianity is too balkanized to be affected by a single happening, to most non-catholics you're probably singing to the choir.

Reader 08/04/2017 (Fri) 02:27:08 Id: 95635c [Preview] No. 1276 del
Yep, they'll say those other churches were not real Christians, and something-something, Satan fucked the boys at church, but God had nothing to do with it.

Reader 08/04/2017 (Fri) 05:56:04 Id: ae999a [Preview] No. 1277 del
>American reads English
>it goes over his head
Sing some more, choir leader.

Geckos evolve 4 percent larger heads near Brazilian dam in 15 years Reader 08/04/2017 (Fri) 02:23:11 Id: a975fe [Preview] No. 1275 [Reply]
It's an adaption to let them eat bigger termites in the area.

But some will still insist evolution isn't real. It's only been a theory for 100 years, and it's not proven yet! /s

Trump Administration Fighting To Remove Affirmative Action For University Admissions Reader 08/02/2017 (Wed) 07:53:26 Id: 0280b8 [Preview] No. 1268 [Reply]
>The Trump administration is preparing to redirect resources of the Justice Department’s civil rights division toward investigating and suing universities over affirmative action admissions policies deemed to discriminate against white applicants, according to a document obtained by The New York Times.

Reader 08/02/2017 (Wed) 08:34:00 Id: d56975 [Preview] No. 1271 del
I know people say he's a jew lover but I love having the Trump admin in the WH. Amazing.