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Boom! Netanyahu Associates Raided, Arrested En Mass Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 18:26:18 Id: 1e4978 [Preview] No. 6697 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Police on Sunday said senior officials in the Bezeq phone company were arrested over the weekend in a graft probe involving close associates of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after a “dramatic” development was reported over the weekend in the case.

In a statement, police said “a number” of high-ranking officials in Israel’s national telephone company Bezeq were detained in the so-called Case 4000.

Two “very close” associates of the prime minister were also arrested, Hebrew-language media reported. The arrests came less than a week after police recommended indicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in two separate graft probes.

“Following evidence discovered by the Israel Securities Authority in the investigation of the Bezeq case, which raised suspicions that additional offenses had been committed, a new investigation was initiated this morning by investigators from the authority and from Lahav 433,” said police on Sunday, referring to its anti-fraud unit.

“A number of suspects have been arrested as part of the investigation, including senior officials in the Bezeq group,” it added.

In a filing with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on Sunday, Bezeq confirmed that senior officials at the Bezeq group had been arrested, as part of a new joint investigation between the Israel Securities Authority and the police.

A gag order has been imposed on other details of the investigation, the company said, adding that the firm has no further information on the nature and circumstances of the investigation.

In the case, police suspect that Shaul Elovitch, owner of the Walla news site and the controlling shareholder of Bezeq, swayed coverage of Netanyahu on the news site in exchange for benefits for Bezeq.

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Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 19:06:15 Id: 1ec185 [Preview] No.6699 del
u believe in miracles?


Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 20:05:05 Id: 1e4978 [Preview] No.6702 del
If Nutanyahu gets replaced, will it be just another crazy war-mongering kike or a self-destabilization kike like Soros that replaces him?

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 20:17:45 Id: f663f1 [Preview] No.6704 del
the important thing is that kikes hate each other.
That'd be nice °^)

Top UNICEF Children's Rights Campaigner Jailed for Rape of Teenage Boy Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 19:27:45 Id: 6001fb [Preview] No. 6700 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
A leading children's rights campaigner, who helped governments around the world tackle the issue of abuse, has been jailed for raping a 13-year-old boy.

Former UNICEF consultant Peter Newell admitted three counts of indecent assault and two counts of buggery and was sentenced to six years, eight months in prison.

He has also been placed on the sex offenders register indefinitely.

The 'horrific' sexual assaults took place over a three-year period in the 1960s but have only come to light following a police investigation last year.

Newell, 77, of Wood Green, North London, who has led the campaign to ban the smacking of children in Britain, was sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court on January 3.

News of his imprisonment comes amidst warnings that predatory paedophiles are exploiting the aid sector after 125 British charity workers were accused of sexual abuse in 2017.

The scale of the problem has been laid bare by the scandal facing Oxfam whose staff have been accused of downloading pornography, using prostitutes in Haiti and preying on teenage volunteers in UK shops.

Along with his partner, Rachel Hodgkin, Newell helped prepare UNICEF's Implementation Handbook for the Convention on the Rights of the Child, launched in Geneva in January 1998.

The document, which provides a detailed reference of law, policy and practice aimed at promoting and protecting the rights of children, is still used by governments all over the globe.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

UN Chief Dr. Andrew Macleod: Oxfam and the Clinton Foundation Were Involved In Child Sex Trafficking Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 16:07:54 Id: a994fb [Preview] No. 6684 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
A courageous whistleblower has gone on the record claiming that the United Nations, Oxfam, and The Clinton Foundation all traffic children and sell them for sex.

According to former UN Chief Dr Andrew Macleod, major international aid agencies are responsible for the sex trafficking of children in many of the countries they operate in.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the former UN Chief provides graphic detail to prove that charities around the world, including the Clinton Foundation, are staffed by a disproportionately high number of pedophiles and are guilty of sex trafficking.


He claims that the UK’s National Criminal Intelligence Service warned the charities 20 years ago that organised pedophilia was becoming rife the developing world. The National Criminal Intelligence Service said that pedophiles were working for international charities in order to gain access to children. The nature of the industry (supposedly providing humanitarian assistance) also provided the pedophiles with cover.

But according to MacLeod, these warnings were ignored, perhaps because by then it was already too late…

MacLeod’s words excoriate the aid industry: “Those who deny it are either lying through their teeth, or have their heads buried so far in the sand that their ignorance is deliberate.”

He further claims this problem has been “common knowledge in aid circles for almost 30 years“.

When working for the Red Cross in Yugoslavia, 1996, MacLeod heard of a nightclub “Florida 2000” in the Bosnian city of Zenica, where prostitutes were working from the age of 14.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 16:15:00 Id: db5c97 [Preview] No.6685 del

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 17:53:11 Id: 509839 [Preview] No.6693 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=HTRewHDOr90 [Embed]
>nine servers world wide
>DC Chief is part of it, is a total asshole covered up Rich's murder
>All media cowed and worthless
>world turns on

We should never have given Internet to the shitskin and third world shitholes. Every teenage shitskin now has tons of naked white kids on his computer. Neither computers now IP should have been given to these shitty people. This is getting old. The longer this shit drags on the worse it will be. Fuckin worthless third world nations need to be nuked.

Sweden Democrats Promise to Reduce Asylum Numbers to Zero and End Chain Migration Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 18:15:17 Id: cb9898 [Preview] No. 6696 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats (SD) have promised to reduce both asylum claims and chain migration — or ‘family reunification’ — to zero, and pledged to turn the migration board into a “remigration” board.

The election platform, released this week, claims that under an SD government Sweden would only take in asylum seekers from neighbouring countries. Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the party, said the SD policy, when compared to the Moderate Party, “is between 50,000 and 60,000 asylum and family immigrants per year,” Blekinge Läns Tidning reports.

The SD has also announced that if elected they will be focusing their efforts on deportations of both failed asylum seekers and those who do not wish to remain in Sweden.

On Twitter, the party wrote: “Many who live here do not want to [stay], but yearn to their homelands. We believe that for both their sake and that of our society, we must offer real opportunities to return.”

Populist Sweden Democrats Leader Vows to ‘Declare War’ on Rising Levels of Organised Crime


— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) January 18, 2018

Another major pillar of the SD platform is the issue of law and order, especially in the heavily migrant populated no-go zones across the country where grenade attacks, shootings and sex attacks have become a major problem.

Earlier this year Åkesson promised to allow the Swedish military to work in a support role to help police officers deal with the escalating violence, which has seen police stations targeted by explosives and police vehicles attacked with grenades.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

GOP Mega Donor Al Hoffman Turns Commie Pinko, Threatens To Cut All Funding For Protecting 2nd Amendment Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 18:08:09 Id: e6a1ed [Preview] No. 6694 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
GOP mega donor and real estate developer Al Hoffman Jr. says he will not write another check to Republicans until that pass an “assault weapons” ban.

The New York Times reports that Hoffman made this announcement via an email that he sent to Jeb Bush and Gov. Rick Scott (R), among others. Hoffman was a major contributor to the George W. Bush presidential campaign. He also donated more than $1 million to a PAC supporting Jeb Bush’s failed presidential campaign bid.

Hoffman wrote, “For how many years now have we been doing this — having these experiences of terrorism, mass killings — and how many years has it been that nothing’s been done? It’s the end of the road for me.” He added, “I will not write another check unless they all support a ban on assault weapons. Enough is enough!”

Hoffman did not define an “assault weapon,” did not say whether it is a set type of firearm or just any rifle that has the cosmetic features banned by Democrats from 1994-2004. It must be noted that the Democrat ban did not ban the rifles, only the cosmetic features. Is that what Hoffman has in mind?

Or is Hoffman focused on the semiautomatic action of “assault weapons.” If so, will semiautomatic handguns have to be banned to appease him as well?


Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 18:10:30 Id: e6a1ed [Preview] No.6695 del
This is utter insanity because the one major reason many Americans still vote Republican is to protect our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Without this one major issue nearly all Republicans stand around, there would be NO incentive to even vote Republican!

ECB Governor, European Central Banker, Detained For Corruption Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 17:24:20 Id: f36001 [Preview] No. 6692 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Back in May 2016, Lithuania central bank head, and ECB governing council member, Vitas Vasiliauskas said that contrary to widespread perceptions of central planners as clueless hack economists who would not survive one day in the private sector and who can only inflate asset bubbles, then watch them burst and replace them with even bigger asset bubbles, central bankers are really "magic people."

“Markets say the ECB is done, their box is empty,” Vasiliauskas told Bloomberg in the spring of 2016. "But we are magic people. Each time we take something and give to the markets -- a rabbit out of the hat."

It now turns out they also appear to be corrupt, criminal people because on Saturday, Vasiliauskas' next door peer, Latvian central bank Governor, Ilmars Rimsevics who is also a member of the European Central Bank’s governing council, was detained by Latvia's anti-graft bureau, prompting calls for him to step aside to prevent harming the country’s financial sector.

In a statement to Reuters, Latvia’s Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis did not say why Rimsevics had been detained or what he was being investigated for. However, he attempted to reassure people that the economy was stable.

Rimsevics, 52, has worked at the Baltic nation’s central bank since graduating with an MBA from Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York, in 1992. After first taking the role of deputy governor that year, he was promoted to governor in 2001. He’s been a member of the ECB governing council since 2014, when Latvia adopted the euro.

Hardly encouraging confidence, the statement said that “there are no indications that would suggest threats to the financial system of Latvia,” Kucinskis said, confirming that it is very likely that there are copious threats to the financial system of Latvia, whose central banker may soon be in prison for graft.

As a result, finance minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola said Rimsevics should step aside for the time being to protect the Baltic country’s reputation.

“Given that the governor of the central bank is a symbol for every country, [then] I think that it would be sensible at this moment that Mr. Rimsevics, at least during the investigation, steps down,” Reizniece-Ozola told a news conference.

“Under the current circumstances... every day that Mr. Rimsevics remains in the post of governor of the central bank, the situation (for the reputation of Latvia’s financial system) substantially worsens,” she said.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Trump Blasts FBI For Not Taking Action Against Parkland Shooter, Too Focused On Russia Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 15:44:45 Id: a5e258 [Preview] No. 6683 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/6556

President Donald Trump has criticized the FBI after the agency disclosed that it failed to follow up on a detailed warning about the 19-year-old gunman who is charged with killing 17 people and wounding a dozen others at a Florida high school on Wednesday.

“Very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter. This is not acceptable,” Trump tweeted on Saturday night.

A “person close to Nikolas Cruz” contacted the FBI’s public access tipline on Jan. 5 to “report concerns about him,” the FBI said in a statement Friday. The caller provided information about “Cruz’s gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting,” the statement said.

Florida Governor Rick Scott said the FBI’s failure was “unacceptable” and called for the resignation of FBI Director Christopher Wray.

“Seventeen innocent people are dead and acknowledging a mistake isn’t going to cut it,” Scott said in a statement. “The FBI director needs to resign.”


"They are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign - there is no collusion. Get back to the basics and make us all proud!" the president said on Twitter.

Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether there was any collusion with anyone connected to the Trump campaign.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 16:29:35 Id: 004c77 [Preview] No.6689 del
(12.00 KB 595x173 right there.jpg)
It's not like they "missed the signals". Mother fuckers interviewed the content creator bail bondsman of the YouTube account where Nikolas Cruz left his comment and then let him shoot up the school

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 17:12:20 Id: a5e258 [Preview] No.6691 del
This. Personally I get the feeling that our government actually WANTS mass shootings to happen because they WANT to push their gun control agenda and expand their police state everywhere. It gives them all a big ego boost and self gratification at the expense of other lives. Sick, but that's what corruption is, its a form of societal cancer.

(19.19 KB 300x201 Tanner-crab.jpg)
Tanner crab season closes Reader 02/01/2018 (Thu) 02:26:37 Id: af927e [Preview] No. 5946 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Kayla Desroches/KMXT

The tanner crab fishery wrapped up last week.

Nat Nichols, Alaska Department of Fish and Game area management biologist for the Groundfish, Shellfish & Dive Fisheries, says the opening lasted roughly four days, which is about what they expected.

And as far participation goes, he says a total of 55 vessels registered, 43 of those on the east side and 12 on the southwest side.

“That’s a bit higher than we’ve seen in previous season with comparable GHLs, and I think that has to do with cod fishing being slow and just general enthusiasm for tanner crab fishing being that we haven’t had a season in four years.”

It’s the first time tanner has been open for crabbing in the Kodiak area since 2013, and it’s a derby, which means the vessels fished until they reached this year’s guideline harvest level of 400,000 pounds. Nichols says they pulled in about 422,000 pounds, a little over the GHL.

They keep track via radio.

Nichols explains the vessels can only lift their gear between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., and they touch base with managers after the close of the day.

“So then we call all the vessels on the radio and ask for a report for the day and all we’re looking for is the location, where you are, how many pots you lifted, and how many legal crab you retained, and that’s voluntary reporting, and we got excellent reporting out of the fleet.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

29 posts and 16 images omitted.

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 01:26:20 Id: af927e [Preview] No.6672 del
Crab-owls are best owls.

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 15:16:51 Id: e9a107 [Preview] No.6680 del
(368.10 KB 1024x768 crab.jpg)
(17.02 KB 534x104 nope.jpg)

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 15:24:32 Id: 40e5e6 [Preview] No.6681 del
#7. Spam includes: "repeated messages or repeated images in one thread" And "bumping threads without contributing to discussion of that thread"

So if someone is posting a bunch of pictures of crabs to bump his crab news thread that doesn't count as spam? Should I post a bunch of firearms to my pro-gun thread to bump it too? Don't worry I won't. Just saying.

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 16:18:48 Id: e9a107 [Preview] No.6687 del
"Repeated images" means the same image over and over again. For instance, that obnoxious guy from thestorm with the triangle chart. As long as you have a message under the images of your firearms thread, feel free to post pics of guns.

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 16:20:29 Id: e9a107 [Preview] No.6688 del
+Provided you don't type "Bump", "look at me I'm bumping my thread", "anti-spam bump" etc.

German Women Blame Merkel's Government For Role In Migrant Rape Crisis, Deliberate Destabilization Reader 02/17/2018 (Sat) 09:51:17 Id: 7af39a [Preview] No. 6633 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
German women protestors are rising up in the millions against a government refusing to protect them from sex attacks by migrants. A huge march is planned in Berlin on Feb. 17 where the women will march to the Bundeskanzleramt to demand Merkel and her government address their concerns and stop downplaying the severity of the crisis.

In certain areas of many cities in Germany, women don’t feel safe in public anymore. They are forced to travel in groups or in the company of trusted men. They blame the Merkel government’s disastrous migrant policy for the dramatic change in their society.

Sexual violence in Germany has skyrocketed since Angela Merkel allowed more than one million mostly male migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East into the country. The crimes are being downplayed by the authorities, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.

Authorities across the country have been accused of downplaying the true extent of the rape epidemic by suppressing information about migrant-related crimes, ostensibly due to a “lack of public interest”.

A German Twitter account, @XYEinzelfall (“individual cases”), has created a Google map to track police reports of crimes allegedly committed by migrants every day across the region. “Cologne was just the tip of the iceberg,” the page says, referring to the infamous News Years Eve mass sex attack in the city. “Cologne is every day.”

German women are angry and they are tired of being ignored. When victims of sex attacks by migrants raise their concerns publicly, they are often attacked all over again by Antifa activists who accuse them of being racist.

Uta Ogilvie, the founder of the movement to hold the government to account for the huge rise in sex attacks, has been forced to quit due to ongoing attacks on her house and children by so called “anti-fascists”.

Ogilvie was originally targeted for attacks by Antifa after carrying a sign in the street with “Merkel Must Go!” written on it. This was enough for Antifa to label her a Nazi, simply because she disagreed with their failed utopian multicultural ideology.

These anti-free speech actions by the “anti-fascists” in 2018 demonstrate clearly who the real fascists are in Germany. As long as Antifa are allowed to continue silencing opposing opinions using violence and intimidation, Germany will not be a free society.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

5 posts and 1 image omitted.

Reader 02/17/2018 (Sat) 11:20:09 Id: cd9bc3 [Preview] No.6641 del
(58.28 KB 599x447 Who Woulda Thunk.jpg)

Reader 02/17/2018 (Sat) 17:24:25 Id: 838515 [Preview] No.6655 del
(37.72 KB 287x413 56331861.jpg)
>arrest Merkel the kike
I have a better idea. If you're not aware of Angela's jewish heritage, go ahead and ask. I've got that information.

Reader 02/17/2018 (Sat) 17:45:51 Id: 271d11 [Preview] No.6658 del
When is the next German election? They need to remove her.

Reader 02/17/2018 (Sat) 18:08:15 Id: 838515 [Preview] No.6662 del
24 September 2017. It's too late.
>They need to remove her.
With a 7.62mm to the brain.

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 15:12:37 Id: 3a2983 [Preview] No.6679 del
Oh shit. Germany is FUBAR at this point. I thought they had another election coming up soon and were going to toss her the hell out. Yah, someone needs to make a sacrifice to save their fellow citizens and just off her.

Evil Commiefornia Looks To Legalize Rape, Including Raping Children! Reader 02/17/2018 (Sat) 12:29:38 Id: b6699a [Preview] No. 6648 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Over 10,000 sex offenders including convicted pedophiles and rapists are set to be released to the streets in the near future thanks to Governor Jerry Brown and the ruling of a Superior Court Judge in Sacramento who claim crimes such as “intimately touching an unlawfully restrained person” or “raping a drugged or unconscious victim” are not violent crimes.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Sacramento Superior Court Judge Allen Sumner issued a preliminary order on Friday to California state prison officials which ordered them to rewrite their regulations stemming from Prop. 57.

The ruling means individuals convicted of offenses such as incest, pimping minors into prostitution and possession of child pornography will soon be free to walk among the public again.

In a bid to reduce overcrowding in state prisons, California voters in 2016 approved a ballot measure known as Proposition 57 which allows for the early parole release of supposedly “non-violent offenders“.

The measure passed, in part, based on a statement from Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown which promised that individuals convicted of non-violent sexual offenses would be excluded from consideration for early release, according to The Daily Caller.

The state argued that language within Prop. 57 gave officials “broad discretion” to include any class of offenders for consideration for early parole, but Judge Sumner disagreed and argued that voters want to see pedophiles and rapists released from prison early.

“If the voters had intended to exclude all registered sex offenders from early parole consideration under Proposition 57, they presumably would have said so,” Judge Sumner stated.

He stated further that the Corrections Department could only exclude violent sex offenders from early parole, and ordered the department to more accurately define what constituted a violent sexual offense. In Judge Sumner’s opinion, pimping a minor or restraining and sexually assaulting a victim are not violent enough to constitute a violent sexual offense.

On top of that, he also stated that sexual offenders who had already served time for their crimes — even violent ones — but were in prison on an unrelated non-violent offense “must be included in the early parole consideration process” and let out of prison early.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

1 post omitted.

Reader 02/17/2018 (Sat) 14:09:27 Id: 9e8b3f [Preview] No.6651 del
(73.77 KB 800x598 who's this pokemon.jpg)
I wonder who's behind all this.

Reader 02/17/2018 (Sat) 17:20:53 Id: 622c08 [Preview] No.6654 del
Of course it is.
Look at that hook nose. (I'm not the OP just using the same term) Commiefornia may be a good place to wall off and send all degerates from the rest of the U.S., should any sane, non Zionist cucked leader take office. Not likely.

Reader 02/17/2018 (Sat) 17:49:35 Id: a429a0 [Preview] No.6659 del
Very soon Commiefornia will be a cess pit of illegals and criminal thugs, average Americans are moving elsewhere in droves from what I've read. Hopefully they do have a successful secession movement and break from the US altogether. Then they can't spoil our election results anymore.

Reader 02/17/2018 (Sat) 22:08:53 [Preview] No.6667 del
(65.04 KB 623x611 MASHA MASHA MASHA.jpg)
how long til pedos can move to cali and molest the chitlens?

Reader 02/18/2018 (Sun) 14:58:25 Id: 95160b [Preview] No.6678 del
God damn it I know the prisons are overcrowded but do the American public a favor and release people who don't commit violent and abusive crimes against others.

Shit, just release the dope smokers. Why is that sack of shit Brown releasing people who are KNOWN to brutally rape and pimp children. This is fucking barbaric! This is not "liberal", this is sadistic! What a fucking despot piece of crap!