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Catalan Separatists Withdrawal Cash From Banks In Protest of Spanish Dictatorship Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 14:00:46 Id: 1b3c63 [Preview] No. 2551 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Catalan separatists were flocking to withdraw cash Friday in protest at the central government and at banks who have moved their headquarters out of the Spanish region over its independence crisis.

Some protesters were making symbolic withdrawals of 155 euros ($183) — a reference to Article 155 of the Spanish constitution, which Madrid is using to start imposing direct rule over the semi-autonomous region as the standoff following its October 1 independence referendum continues to escalate.

Others were opting for 1,714 euros ($2,023) in a nod to 1714, a highly symbolic date for independence supporters marking the capture of Barcelona by the troops of King Felipe V, who then moved to reduce the rights of rebellious regions.

“It’s a way of protesting. We don’t want to do any harm to the Spanish or Catalan economy,” said Roser Cobos, a 42-year-old lawyer who had just taken out 1,714 euros from the counter at a bank in Barcelona.

“It’s the only way in which Catalans can show their disagreement with the attitude of the Spanish state.”

Two influential grassroots separatist groups, the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and Omnium Cultural, had issued a call on social media for activists to take “peaceful direct action” to show their opposition to the government of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

The two groups, whose leaders were detained last week pending investigation into sedition charges, specifically urged supporters to withdraw cash from the five main bank chains, “ideally between 8:00 am and 9:00 am”.

Joaquim Curbet, a 58-year-old editor, proudly brandished the 155 euros he had just taken out, expressing hope that the protest “would put pressure on the Spanish government”.

Several people could be seen queueing at a CaixaBank ATM on a central boulevard of Barcelona, the regional capital.

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Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 16:36:36 Id: f152f6 [Preview] No. 2562 del
> Catalan Separatists Withdrawal Cash From Banks In Protest
Uh, okay. What, from ATMs? Kinda threading the needle there between making a point and making asses out of yourselves, on one side if people are dumb enough they won't realize that ATM levels of cash mean pretty much nothing, but if they're at least smart enough they will be reminded of the concept of Reserve Requirement. It's very possible that the conditions overlap and there's only people who don't get it for one reason, the other, or both, and they have no target group. Anybody they could reach wouldn't need to be reached. Yeah, yeah, it's "symbolic" and shit, but still.

Although I do hear that Spain is pretty hands-off right wing towards business, so maybe a 100 people drawing 1700 euros does cripple the financing of a few enterprises. Do they even have that cash at hand in offices anymore? If Catalans are such market gurus that they're really drawing in all this business to Spain and not just squatting on a convenient harbor venue because they got there first, they're not giving a good impression.

Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 18:53:54 Id: 1b3c63 [Preview] No. 2565 del
A few hundred people pulling out a little money from an ATM doesn't do jack shit, agreed.

If tens of thousands were to start withdrawing their entire life savings, THAT would become a problem for the banks and the Spanish government, which they would almost instantly shut down access to public accounts (possible leading to seizure of public bank accounts).

The way to organize a real resistance movement is to call for mass tax strikes and squat inside your homes and refuse to work for international businesses until your concerns are addresses: note that they will likely not be addressed in pleasant ways at first.

They'd have to expect the loss of ALL conveniences and luxuries: such as running water, electricity, gas, transportation services, etc. All of modern society would grind to a halt.

They'd need to go back to local economics 101: growing crops in their backyards, local farming, local ranching, proving independent services (construction, mechanical repair, butchering, knitting, cotton picking, mining, pottery, local delivery, etc). Yard sales. Garage sales. Flea markers. Farmers markets. And mostly on a barter basis. (You give me some bottled water, I'll give you some toilet paper).

They'd have to be willing to cripple Spain's ability to control the masses and have the masses rely on their own communities.

Psycho Teacher From Commiefornia Forced 8th Grade Students To Lie On Ground In Dark, Ducktaped Students Wrists Reader 10/06/2017 (Fri) 13:55:12 Id: 8670d9 [Preview] No. 2196 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Slavery Indoctrination

In order to make sure that slavery "never again occurs" in American society, it’s important to bring up its horrors every chance you get. Or if you’re a teacher at Whitney High School in Cerritos, California, to subject your students against their will to what living as a slave might have been like – darkness, duct tape, and all.

According to reports, eighth-grade student Timothy Reyes had a lot to tell his parents after having his hands forcibly taped together as part of a “slave ship” reenactment during one of his classes. Reyes’ mother says she had earlier received an email from her son’s teacher explaining that he would be participating in a “unique classroom activity,” but had no idea that it would be anything like this.

The nature of this “unique classroom activity” was not disclosed because the teacher explained that it was going to be a “surprise.” But parents never could have anticipated what would come next, as their children were forced to lie down in the darkness while watching clips from the show “Roots,” a History Channel drama that supposedly documents the plight of early black slaves.

CBS Los Angeles reports that Reyes and his fellow students were instructed to line up and go through with the alleged reenactment as outlined by the teacher. It appears as though they were not given the option to not participate, just as the slaves of old were not given the option to not be slaves.

After hearing from many upset parents about the event, the school decided to axe it from the curriculum. LaMonica Bryson, a teacher at Whitney High School, agreed that it probably was not the best way to teach students about slavery, nor did it serve the intended purpose of expanding students’ understanding of American history.

“I think there are other ways to teach tolerance and maybe even better ways and best practices to broach these sensitive topics,” Bryson told the local media.

Many of the students expressed similar sentiments, including Kaleem Syed who told CBS Los Angeles the following:

“No you definitely don’t need to pretend to be a slave but it was another hands on experiment used to simulate slavery. Definitely not an effective way and there’s better alternatives than that.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 15:21:13 Id: 4ec3ae [Preview] No. 2555 del
A teacher who recently did the same thing in Texas has been forced to resign:


Unlike in Commiefornia, some parents in other states refuse to put up with this bullshit. Good for them. If my child were to have ever been treated this way in the school system I'd not only pull my child out, I'd be filing lawsuits against the school and give them one hell of a black eye reputation wise.

Punishing students is fine, as long as you don't lay hands on them. That's up to the parents when those kids come home with a pink slip. I'm all for allowing parents to woop their kids when they misbehave, I was wooped a few times myself. But NOT by teachers... by my parents! And that is where the decisions ought to be left up to: the parents!

Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 15:46:38 Id: 6d2eae [Preview] No. 2556 del
(469.91 KB 400x224 swot drops.gif)
>but it was another hands on experiment used to simulate slavery. Definitely not an effective way and there’s better alternatives than that
>and there’s better alternatives than that

Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 15:57:14 Id: 6d2eae [Preview] No. 2558 del
Kids should be taught relevant, useful things about how effects of discrimination still affect lives in black communities to this day.

Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 15:58:51 Id: 6d2eae [Preview] No. 2559 del
Using hands-on workshops I mean.

Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 16:11:13 Id: 4ec3ae [Preview] No. 2560 del
I totally agree. I bet they don't even have woodshop classes anymore in most schools. They don't teach you jack shit in America anymore other that to be "politically correct" and to cry all over yourself. Maybe they'll have a new class in the near future how to slit your wrists properly.

It has gotten so pathetic, so sick, so communistic, so loony at this point private schools or homeschooling is literally the ONLY way to get you kids proper education. That, and not pay a dime towards college, encourage them to go to a trade school instead.

This country has gotten so bad over the last 30 years I can no longer recognize it anymore, I really can't. So sad.

Emerson Electric CEO To RINO Cuckservatives: Pass Tax Cuts Or We Will Pull Millions $$$ From US Banks Reader 10/19/2017 (Thu) 22:36:02 Id: 347f47 [Preview] No. 2541 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
American manufacturers are investing hundreds of millions in the U.S. in anticipation of Congress passing the Trump administration’s tax reform bill, but warn of a swift reversal if lawmakers are unable to deliver.

“We are investing in anticipation of Congress passing a tax reform bill,” David Farr, the chairman of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “I think the key issue Congress has to understand is that we think something is going to get done, and if it doesn’t get done, the U.S. economy will be hurt.”

Farr doesn’t just represent upwards of 14 million manufacturing workers nationwide as the NAM chairman, he’s also served as the chairman and CEO of Emerson Electric, a company that employs 80,000 worldwide, since 2000.

“We believe that he will deal with regulations, he will deal with infrastructure, he will have a plan for education, and will deliver on tax reform. My (Emerson’s) capital spending this year is going to be up a little over 10 percent. Next year, I plan to raise it 15 percent,” Farr told TheDCNF. “Manufacturing is doing this now because we are thinking about higher growth in 2019 and 2020.”

While he says that his company and NAM members plan to keep up the pace of their investment, he told TheDCNF they can pull “it all right back out.”

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin issued a similar warning to members Monday, saying that the U.S. stock market will undergo a massive correction if tax reform falls flat.

“There is no question that the rally in the stock market has baked into it reasonably high expectations of us getting tax cuts and tax reform done,” Mnuchin told Politico’s “Morning Money” podcast. “To the extent we get the tax deal done, the stock market will go up higher. But there’s no question in my mind that if we don’t get it done you’re going to see a reversal of a significant amount of these gains.”

Farr sees the implications of failure going farther than U.S. companies fleeing if Congress balks on tax reform. He thinks foreign investment in American businesses also suffer.

“If it doesn’t get done, U.S. business will sour and you will start seeing investments pull back in. It won’t just be U.S. companies, I think foreign companies will pull back also if they see a failure from Congress,” Farr said.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 01:41:41 Id: 458973 [Preview] No. 2544 del
You know your business is failing when you need the government to step in just to do anything.

Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 13:05:09 Id: 669bdf [Preview] No. 2548 del
This isn't about taxpayer subsidies or bailouts as typical leftist socialists plead for. This is about simply obeying campaign promises to cut taxes for productive industries within the US.

To tell you the truth we really should be giving productive industry an incentive to stay in the US. If our politicians are making it difficult to profit in the US then they'll likely decide to pack their bags and travel elsewhere (which is very unfortunate for Americans who need a working income to live, and unfortunate for our economy as well).

You know what I find ironic? Monopolies like Amazon Inc. (who sells mostly junk from China) have been pretty much exempted from paying taxes (they got a 7 billion $$$ tax reduction just this year), meanwhile American manufacturers can't even get a simple tax cut? How the fuck is this allowed to happen?

Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 15:54:34 Id: 669bdf [Preview] No. 2557 del
Say what you want about Alex, at least he's covering this horrific issue of how all the major tech firms like Facebook and Google and Amazon are tax exempt and are offered BAILOUTS at the expense of hard-working taxpaying Americans. This system is beyond corrupt, it's parasitic to the core. It's theft is what it is.

Bezos, Zuckerberg, And Schmidt All Received Taxpayer Money And Are Exempt From Most Taxes
https://youtube.com/watch?v=Lv4RSujQ7zc [Embed]

So these uber-rich scumbags get tax exemption status... yet poor and middle class workers can't even get a small tax cut? Smaller productive industries inside the US can't get a tax cut either? How can you compete with such a monopolistic system? Simple answer: you can't. According to the experts capitalism is about consumer choice and fair competition between businesses (all held accountable to the same ethical standards and laws)... what we have today IS NOT capitalism and it can't be more fucking obvious.


ISIS Has Finally Been Defeated In Iraq and Syria Reader 10/19/2017 (Thu) 19:07:24 Id: c9045c [Preview] No. 2537 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The declarations of victory played out across Iraq and Syria: the long campaigns to retake city after city from Islamic State militants had come to an end.

But the hard-won battles left vast destruction in their wake, and the celebrations from atop the rubble of once-grand buildings are ringing hollow for hundreds of thousands of displaced residents.

Iraqis and Syrians are returning to cities that are ghosts of their former glory, lacking the infrastructure for normal life to begin again. Now they must grapple with how to rebuild.

Overjoyed at the city’s liberation from the Islamic State, a woman ripped off the black outer garment she had been forced to wear under subjugation by radical Islamic terrorists.

Thanks to the Syrian government, the Russian government and the US Military (under orders and direction from James Mattis and Donald Trump), the Islamic State has officially lost its caliphate.

This has been a big blow to the New World Order, from the CIA to MOSSAD: https://archive.fo/eO0u6

Here is a great archive of how the Syrian conflict / ISIS-funding effected Europe and damage from migration policies: https://archive.fo/UALWy

Thank you Obama! The warnings were given to you back in 2013 during mutiny within the US Military and you ignored those warnings! Your legacy has been documented: https://archive.fo/M16oj

Thank you Trump, for reforming Obama's pro-Islamic destabilization policies and ordering the CIA to stand down: https://archive.fo/eFSu9#selection-2435.0-2435.64

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 01:45:06 Id: 4ae814 [Preview] No. 2545 del
Why do I have a feeling that this is just more government lies?

Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 12:37:01 Id: 6933ec [Preview] No. 2547 del
From the looks of all the reports coming out around the globe they claim this is the case, that the Islamic caliphate has failed and capitulated. There were over 300 arrests of ISIS members last month alone by the Kurdish forces. ISIS were also were driven out of major occupied territories they once held and I've been reading about that for the last couple months (MSM has been mostly silent about that). Not to mention Trump ordered the CIA to stop aiding and supplying so-called "rebels" (of-course the US military knew many of these "rebels" were Islamic terrorists themselves).... There is a lot of propaganda about how it was the US and US alone who defeated ISIS (not true at all). Massive cover-ups of how this actually happened such as the CIA/Mossad funding ISIS to undermine Assad's government in an attempted coup for Israeli interests. They wanted to blame and oust Assad and install a puppet Islamic dictator much like they have in Saudi Arabia.

But yah, I'm still looking into all of it. It seems legit so far. If there is evidence to the contrary I will report it.

Syrian Forces Find Israeli & NATO-Made Arms In ISIS Hideouts Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 14:44:48 Id: 6933ec [Preview] No. 2553 del
Syrian Forces Find Israeli & NATO-Made Arms In ISIS Hideouts

Syrian forces have discovered a cache of Israeli-made weapons in the strategic city of Mayadin, in the province of Deir ez-Zor, days after liberating the city from ISIS terrorists.

The weapons included several types of heavy, medium and light firearms that originated from Israel, some European countries as well as members of the NATO military alliance.

A field commander said they had also found mortars, artillery equipment, large quantities of anti-armor munitions and a NATO- made 155mm cannon according to Syria’s state news agency SANA.

Press TV reports: https://archive.fo/kNxaI

This was not the first time that the Syrian government forces made such discoveries from terrorist hideouts across the country.

According to SANA, only a few days back they captured an Israeli cannon along with large amounts of weapons, ammunition and communication equipment from Takfiri terrorists in the area of ​​Jib al-Jarrah in the eastern Homs countryside.

Syria has been gripped by foreign-backed militancy since March 2011. The Syrian government says the Israeli regime and its Western and regional allies are aiding Takfiri terrorist groups wreaking havoc in the country.

Israeli violations of Syria’s sovereignty

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Israel Bombs Syrian Army After ISIS Is Defeated! Can't Mossad the Assad? 10/20/2017 (Fri) 14:52:24 Id: 6933ec [Preview] No. 2554 del
Israel Bombs Syrian Army After ISIS Is Defeated!

Israel bombed the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) inside the Golan Heights on Thursday evening in an attempt to protect their Al-Qaeda ‘allies’.

The Israeli Air Force claim the bombing raids were a response to the shelling of occupied areas by the SAA.

According to the Syrian Army’s 90th Brigade, an Israeli warplane bombed the SAA’s positions at the town of Qaws Al-Sandiyanah, which is located 1km south of Harfah. As a result of the strikes, the Syrian Army’s 130mm field artillery gun was destroyed.

The airstrike comes just hours after the Syrian Army had advanced against Al-Qeda in the Beit Jinn pocket of the Golan Heights.

Haaretz.com reports: Iran’s military chief Mohammad Baqeri on Wednesday pledged to fight Israel and Sunni insurgents during a visit to Damascus, and discussed ways to deepen cooperation with the Syrian military. “It is not acceptable for the Zionist regime to violate Syria anytime it wants,” Baqeri said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after the strike that Israel will not tolerate spillover from Syria. “We have a clear policy,” the prime minister said during a speech at a ceremony marking 50 years of Israeli settlement in the Jordan Valley. “We will attack anyone who attacks us. We won’t accept spillover. If they attack us, we return fire. And it doesn’t take much time.”

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that “any violation of the sovereignty of the State of Israel will be met with a determined response, just as the IDF acted a short while ago.” Lieberman, who is currently visiting in Washington, D.C., added that Israel views the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad as “responsible for everything that is happening in its territory,” and suggested “not to test our patience and red lines.”

This is the second time Israel has stuck Syria this week. Baqeri’s comments came following an Israeli strike on Monday, in which the air force attacked an anti-aircraft battery east of Damascus after it fired a missile targeting Israel Air Force planes.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

CIA Urges Trump To Delay Release Of 3,000 Never-Before-Seen Documents On JFK Assassination Reader 10/18/2017 (Wed) 18:03:39 Id: f95d8c [Preview] No. 2498 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
More than 3,000 never-before-seen documents from the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department on the assassination of John F. Kennedy are scheduled be released, with many experts fearing that such a large release of secret JFK assassination documents will spur “a new generation of conspiracy theories.”

According to Roger Stone, the CIA is urging President Donald Trump to delay disclosing some of the files for another 25 years.

Roger Stone said in a post on his website…

“They must reflect badly on the CIA even though virtually everyone involved is long dead.”

More than 3,000 never-before-seen documents from the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department are set to be released, along with 30,000 that have only been partially released in the past. The document dump “will simply fuel a new generation of conspiracy theories,” write Philip Shenon and Larry J. Sabato.

Sabato is the director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics and author of “The Kennedy Half-Century” and Shenon is a former reporter for the New York Times and author of, “A Cruel and Shocking Act: The Secret History of the Kennedy Assassination.”

The CIA is urging President Donald Trump to delay disclosing some of the files for another 25 years according to friend and political adviser Roger Stone but the National Archives would not say whether any agencies have appealed the release of the documents.

According to The Gateway Pundit Roger Stone and Gerald Posner, two New York Times bestselling authors who are polar opposites about who killed JFK, have joined together to urge Donald Trump to release all the remaining classified files on Kennedy’s assassination.

About 3,100 files are still sealed in the National Archives. Under the 1992 JFK Records Act, the Archives have until October 26 to decide which of those files to publicly disclose.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 10/18/2017 (Wed) 19:00:24 Id: ce0014 [Preview] No. 2501 del
An official statement from CIA that conspiracy theories pose a realistic threat to their interests.

Reader 10/18/2017 (Wed) 21:50:17 Id: a46ed3 [Preview] No. 2507 del
lul xD!!!

Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 14:08:09 Id: 2072e1 [Preview] No. 2552 del
(137.38 KB 480x568 1507648550591.jpg)

George Soros Is Plotting Coup Against Great Sovereign Nation of Hungary, Injects $18 BILLION Into Propaganda Campaign Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 13:39:31 Id: 9c00b7 [Preview] No. 2550 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
George Soros will use his organisation, now the second largest political activist charity in the world, to influence Hungary’s 2018 general election, a Hungarian member of parliament has claimed.

István Hollik MP fears that Soros would use his Open Society Foundations (OSF) to remove Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party from power, tear down the border fence, and implement the “Soros Plan” to flood Europe with one million third-world migrants annually, reports the Hungarian Times.

The politician, whose Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP) is in coalition with the conservative Fidesz, also said that the OSF-backed refugee human rights group Hungarian Helsinki Committee’s legal challenge to the government’s national consultation on the Soros Plan could be “the first step in the campaign”.

Hollik pointed out that Soros’s foundation, which recently received a cash injection after the Hungarian-American speculator transferred $18 billion into the NGO, has been a “generous and intensive” source of money for those “Soros organisations and politicians” who “regularly intervene in Hungarian public life and who try to put pressure on the Hungarian cabinet”, alleges Hollik.

For tax purposes or for destruction-of-western-civ purposes?

Or both? https://t.co/N0TAoW7KE5

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) October 18, 2017

He also accused figures within the European Union of “reporting” on Hungary to the Soros group, saying: “There are politicians in Brussels in their [OSF’s] pockets, through whom [the Soros organisation] is making threats.”

Hungary is under pressure from the EU over the country’s refusal to accept redistributed refugees, its 'higher education' (communist subversion) law, and legislation demanding transparency from foreign-funded organisations – the latter two directly affecting Soros interests.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

How Pathetic: RINO Cucks Scramble To Save Obamacare After Trump Cuts Off Insurance Company Bailouts Reader 10/19/2017 (Thu) 23:28:49 Id: 28881d [Preview] No. 2542 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/2388

Speaker Paul Ryan panned Sen. Lamar Alexander’s (R-TN) bipartisan Obamacare bailout deal with Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA).

Senate Health, Education, Labor, Pensions (HELP) Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-TN) struck a deal with ranking member Patty Murray (D-WA) to bail out Obamacare.

Sens. Alexander and Murray said that they struck a deal to fund the Obamacare cost-sharing reduction program in exchange for state waivers that will allow states to have more flexibility to implement the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The deal will allegedly fund Obamacare’s cost-sharing reduction program, which President Trump ended last week for two years. In exchange, Republicans will get some state waivers to allow health insurers to offer plans with “comparable affordability” to Obamacare plans.

“Sen. Murray and I have an agreement,” Sen. Alexander said. “We’re going to round up co-sponsors as best we can.”

President Trump tweeted on Wednesday that although he is generally supportive of Alexander’s efforts, he cannot support a bill that will bail out insurance companies that have made millions through Obamacare. Trump said, “I am supportive of Lamar as a person & also of the process, but I can never support bailing out ins co’s who have made a fortune w/ O’Care.”

I am supportive of Lamar as a person & also of the process, but I can never support bailing out ins co's who have made a fortune w/ O'Care.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 18, 2017

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 10/19/2017 (Thu) 23:37:14 [Preview] No. 2543 del
This'll never be fixed as long as there are huge companies making profits by not paying for healthcare. Getting rid of the insurance companies is the only way.

Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 13:24:54 Id: 4e5639 [Preview] No. 2549 del
The only reason these corrupt insurance companies currently are not bankrupt at this point is because they have the government forcing people to buy their shitty insurance coverage: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/19/irs-to-block-suspend-tax-returns-that-lack-obamacare-disclosures.html

I don't trust the government to properly manage the healthcare system either. Look at what they have done to the VA. They promise veterans care, and when the vets end up injured they wait forever for proper care until they die from the lack of. That's all government-run care will get us. There is no fucking way I'd trust a government to manage such a complex system. Like the corrupted insurance companies, governments have no hearts either.

(Not to mention people fear privacy concerns just because of the NSA spying. Jesus! Can you even fathom the privacy violations if government were the one giving you some digital rectal probe very year!?)

I say stop the bailouts. Repeal all the mandates. Let the corrupt insolvent insurance companies file bankruptcy when no one buys their shitty care. And eventually new providers will take their place, and it will be on voluntary basis, consumer choice can and will fix this disaster we have now. Companies will be forced to comply to consumer demands or they'll end up bankrupted. That's as fair as you can get!

China's 8 Ton Tiangong Space Station Has Lost Control, Will Crash Down Into Earth Soon Reader 10/17/2017 (Tue) 19:59:05 Id: 104cd5 [Preview] No. 2476 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Sometime within the next few months, the heavens will come crashing down.

Tiangong 1, which translates to “Heavenly Palace,” is China's first space laboratory, launched in September 2011, serving as a prototype for a permanent space station that it aims to eventually build and launch. But six years after it first went into orbit, the 8½-ton laboratory is soon expected to meet a fiery and uncontrolled end, hurtling down to Earth and crashing somewhere — anywhere — on the planet.

In September 2016, Chinese officials confirmed that they had lost control of the space lab and that it would crash into Earth sometime in the latter half of 2017. In May, China told the United Nations that the lab would reenter Earth between October and April 2018.

Much of the space lab, which measures 34 feet in length, is expected to burn up during its reentry. But Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist from Harvard University, told the Guardian that pieces weighing up to 220 pounds could make it to the Earth's surface.

Where exactly the craft will fall is anyone's guess. Even slight changes in atmospheric conditions can alter the landing site “from one continent to the next,” McDowell told the Guardian.

“You really can’t steer these things,” he said. “Even a couple of days before it reenters, we probably won’t know better than six or seven hours, plus or minus, when it’s going to come down. Not knowing when it’s going to come down translates as not knowing where it’s going to come down.”

Uncontrolled crashes of larger spacecraft, while rare, have happened before. The Soviet Salyut 7 space station crashed to Earth in 1991, while NASA's Skylab space station fell over Western Australia in 1979.


Reader 10/17/2017 (Tue) 22:17:14 Id: 15e150 [Preview] No. 2481 del
this is a lot of bull, they knew of this in 12016-9 and none have done literally nothing to prevent it, and keep wrongly predicting its arrival. not one missile, laser burn, or divert or mitigation mission. This isn't just China's fault, but anyone that knew of it, including USA

Reader 10/20/2017 (Fri) 01:58:27 Id: af3688 [Preview] No. 2546 del
(15.18 KB 389x444 1kc8to.jpg)
CHINESE quarity in space

Popcorn Time Creator Readies BitTorrent, Blockchain-Powered Alternative Video Platform Reader 10/17/2017 (Tue) 19:20:16 Id: f347cc [Preview] No. 2470 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Popcorn Time creator Federico Abad is part of a new team prepping a BitTorrent and blockchain powered YouTube competitor. In just under two weeks time, Flixxo will begin its token sale, kicking off a platform that will reward users for both creating, producing, and distributing content using BitTorrent.

Without a doubt, YouTube is one of the most important websites available on the Internet today.

Its massive archive of videos brings pleasure to millions on a daily basis but its centralized nature means that owner Google always exercises control over content leading to censorship.

Over the years, people have looked to decentralize the YouTube concept and the latest project hoping to shake up the market has a particularly interesting player onboard.

Until 2015, only insiders knew that Argentinian designer Federico Abad was actually ‘Sebastian’, the shadowy figure behind notorious content sharing platform Popcorn Time.

Now he’s part of the team behind Flixxo, a BitTorrent and blockchain-powered startup hoping to wrestle a share of the video market from YouTube. Here’s how the team, which features blockchain startup RSK Labs, hope things will play out.

The Flixxo network will have no centralized storage of data, eliminating the need for expensive hosting along with associated costs. Instead, transfers will take place between peers using BitTorrent, meaning video content will be stored on the machines of Flixxo users. In practice, the content will be downloaded and uploaded in much the same way as users do on The Pirate Bay or indeed Abad’s baby, Popcorn Time.

However, there’s a twist to the system that envisions content creators, content consumers, and network participants (seeders) making revenue from their efforts.

At the heart of the Flixxo system are digital tokens (think virtual currency), called Flixx. These Flixx ‘coins’, which will go on sale in 12 days, can be used to buy access to content. Creators can also opt to pay consumers when those people help to distribute their content to others.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

9 posts and 2 images omitted.

Reader 10/19/2017 (Thu) 16:50:32 Id: 3913b7 [Preview] No. 2532 del
Some of those listed are great options, but lets face it, the biggest problem is getting all the normfags to switch from Youtube to an alternative platform! Yah, that'll be the day! As long as Google runs it's fucking internet monopoly 80% of folks are going to stick to the most popular monopolistic platforms.

I'd recommend the following: pick the channels or selected videos YOU like from Youtube... rip them all and back them up... go register to an alternative platform like Bitchute or Live Leak or Minds.com... then upload all the videos ripped from Youtube over there and promote them on other social platforms (such as this site, or other forums/boards). Rip, transfer, upload and share the alternative channel(s). If enough people do this then we can build great alternatives! The more people who do it, the more others will follow. Help lead the herd to better pastures, as our Lord Jesus Christ has done.

Reader 10/19/2017 (Thu) 17:42:58 Id: 6c40dc [Preview] No. 2536 del
(57.50 KB 486x280 Twitter.com.jpg)
<Respondent lists Centralized and Decentralized alternatives to hosting video
<Replier suggests illegally making backups to other centralized services instead
Sheep, becoming thy pastor of thyne manor lest you suffer the consequences of the state

Reader 10/19/2017 (Thu) 20:44:37 Id: 4f4206 [Preview] No. 2538 del
You can easily rip Youtube videos anonymously, and legal free software allows you to do this, it's everywhere. If you are that afraid of ripping Youtube videos you might as well stay away from Bit Torrent, P2P and the darknet as well. (Not to mention you can simply use a cheap private VPN while doing it, the feds won't bother you unless you make bomb threats or do something really stupid).

If you suggest using other services, that's fine and dandy, but no one is going to favor those services if only 0.000001% of the total video content from Youtube exists on the alternative websites. People as an online community are going to have to work to make that alternative network grow to attract more people.

Creating alternatives, promoting alternatives ... that's just not enough. We need the community using them, transferring content to them. Uploading shows and movies on them to attract the streamers. Posting documentaries, conspiracy theories, outlandish content, sexual content, comical content, anything that attracts more and more viewers.

As far as security goes: provide fake or disposable emails, remember forward secrecy, use a private VPN service, spoof browser agent metadata, wipe out browser history/logs/cookies/caches/sqlite databases routinely... and use some common sense like making sure your OS is not online 24/7.

Reader 10/19/2017 (Thu) 21:28:29 [Preview] No. 2539 del
(386.33 KB 1032x726 You're a loser..jpg)
Translated version:
<You can do illegal things anonymously, even with (((free))) software. If you are that afraid of [insert system], the police won't get you because you aren't in the high priority list.

<It's ok to mock me, I know we are the 0.000001% that only cares about this.
>People as an online community are going to have to work to make that alternative network grow to attract more people.
Where's you node?

<Being different doesn't cut it, we need the 99.999999% to start using (((alternatives))) they won't use or host themselves. We need more original content!

<One way to secure yourself is by falsifying information online, and OPSEC 101. But forget that my Flixxo account has to be 24/7 online for it to work so I can get my e-coins for bittorenting.
Choke on you pipe, I'm not interesting until you have your node up.

Reader 10/19/2017 (Thu) 22:32:37 Id: 4f4206 [Preview] No. 2540 del
Slandering common sense and making a shit piece mockery out of what I said does not make you correct.

You have provided no solutions so far. I have. There is a big difference between talking about alternatives and actually helping provide alternatives. You can have any platform you want, but if users don't participate ('legally', 'illegally', whatever) then your platform will be dead on arrival. Just look at all the other older projects that had a lot of potential and yet no one had the guts to use them, to help seed content.

People like you are part of the problem. Leaches. Unproductive complainers. Critics of everything but dare not care to share. Too afraid of what might happen to you (yet most likely won't).

>Where's you node?

My node is already on P2P, right now. Sharing over 10,000+ files so far. Yah, many pirated media at that. I'm doing my service, I'm just suggesting others do theirs too.

CLAIM: New WikiLeaks Dump Will Prove Hillary Clinton’s Ties To Russia And Voter Fraud Schemes Reader 10/19/2017 (Thu) 14:48:55 Id: e5fc1b [Preview] No. 2524 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/2464 ; >>>/news/2497

Julian Assange is preparing a new WikiLeaks release that proves Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia during the presidential race.

According to an anonymous source, Assange has obtained a file dump taken by the NYPD from Huma Abedin’s laptop, which contains details about numerous crimes committed by Hillary as Secretary of State AND as a presidential candidate.

Infowars.com reports: “This dump will be broad,” says the source. “It will probably be the biggest file dump Wikileaks has ever published in size and when it’s out there, it’s going to leave NO DOUBT on things like, WHO colluded with Russia, WHY it was done, WHAT crimes Hillary (as Secretary of State AND as a presidential candidate) and the elite DNC/GOP/Obama administration, like Lynch, Comey, etc. actually committed.”


“Again, when it’s done you will have zero doubt as to who is actually guilty of crimes and election rigging.”

Assange is reportedly waiting until Oct. 21st to give special prosecutor Robert Mueller – and Deep State elements within the FBI – the opportunity to back off the probe against President Trump because, so far, the known evidence actually implicates Hillary Clinton, and the data dump will only implicate her even more.

“Trump knows it’s better for the people if Mueller does what’s right,” he continued. “It will restore people’s faith in justice and our departments.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 10/19/2017 (Thu) 14:57:26 Id: e5fc1b [Preview] No. 2525 del
Folks, I provided "Claim" in the title because no one knows for sure this source is accurate or not yet. We simply don't know what Wikileaks holds information-wise, but there are some clues from recent cryptographic tweets by Assange.

Let us hope and pray that all this criminality is exposed and that the proper authorities have the balls to act upon it if this is for real. We do know these UraniumOne connections with the Clinton Foundation exist, well documented by many sources already. I hope more light is shined on this as well, because we need to see their hypocrisy exposed for what it truly is.

At this point we can only hope and wait for more evidence to be dumped.

Reader 10/19/2017 (Thu) 15:05:07 Id: e5fc1b [Preview] No. 2526 del
Also: we need investigative journalists digging into any ties between North Korea and UraniumOne. This is key. If in fact this becomes fully exposed and becomes an official investigation by the federal government and Congress, and links between North Korea and UraniumOne do exist then it means one thing: High Treason. This would mean the Clintons directly contributed to North Korea's nuclear programs which are considered a national security threat to the United States AND would be considered aiding and abetting a foreign enemy. If Russia is not yet considered an enemy, North Korea surely is at this point.

Reader 10/19/2017 (Thu) 17:28:19 Id: f7c1a9 [Preview] No. 2534 del
CIA getting rid off Clinton's reads weird. but they are getting rid off Weinstein. Are CIA going pedo free finally?