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>I'd say, he makes moral pedos (the ones that'll wait for their lover to be an adult before they marry) look bad while he pushes borderline Talmudic teachings of Deuteronomy and general Jewish mindset of finding any loopholes to circumvent the written law by substitution of their oral law (Talmud and sometimes Zohar) in their Babylonian Targum. That's just what I think.

Deuteronomy is in the Old Testament, not the Talmud, and it says right there in the hebrew נַעֲרָה (na`arah) (Actually, the hebrew glyphs actually say: נַעַר na`ar , but it is na`arah by implication)

(If the man rapes a child, she becomes his wife (woman))

Reading the actual source text to you rather than whatever your chosen cuck protestant english translation says is not "Jewish tricks" or "oral law". It's reading the actual source text.

I bet the translation you love is that one commissioned by that faggot king of england too, right. The one who was a homosexual..

Fucking retard