Anonymous 03/17/2017 (Fri) 09:56:14 No. 258 del
Release 116 brings some features of interest to mappers! Mario's controlable elevator code was ported over (Thanks Mario for the great feature), aswell as
advanced movement options, Thus now a mapper is not confined to 1:linear, 2:cosine, as the platmovement types, He now has
the option of defining a curve aswell! (Server admins / hosts can also override defaults via cvars now, so even if there is an old map, the new movement can be used)
Additionally the advanced movement feature for platforms was adapted for func_door_rotating and func_rotating.
For func_rotating, additionally, period and periodtype key-values were added so one may define how long the movement curve is
and whether one wants a smooth(2) reset or an abrupt(1) reset, smooth(2) is default if nothing is defined by the mapper.
Traditionally platmovetype styles of 1 and 2 (and default) are respected, only if
a 2 number string is entered as platmovetype is the new movement used.
The .ent files for netradiant have been updated in the mapping pk3 aswell as in netradiant's directory.
Thanks Mario for the elevator and help with an infinite loop in the plat code!

Volume 2 has a slight update for mappers: the .tga pk3s for the standard textures are now included in volume 2:
netradiant doesn't load .dds textures so these are needed to see what one is mapping.

If anyone would like to contribute new free-opensource maps for volume2, we're looking for more worlds!

The new variables are:

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