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Bernd 07/12/2017 (Wed) 11:28:20 [Preview] No. 8891
>fart right before doing a set on squats
>a second later some guy comes in from behind to spot me

Bernd 07/12/2017 (Wed) 16:41:24 [Preview] No. 8892 del
Today a 200 l barrel fell onto my head. It was empty and plastic but still. So there's a reason if I write a bunch of nonsense. I mean at least there's a reason why I write a bunch of nonsense today.

Bernd 07/12/2017 (Wed) 17:27:55 [Preview] No. 8895 del
I bet that dude thought you sure left behind humanity as he smelled that inhumane smell.

Bernd 07/12/2017 (Wed) 20:36:40 [Preview] No. 8897 del
>Today a 200 l barrel fell onto my head.


Bernd 07/13/2017 (Thu) 05:07:31 [Preview] No. 8902 del
Uncoordinated workforce. We wanted to take some barrels from an attic down. All the other is workplace secret.
I got a giant bruise on my forehead everyone watched strangely on the way home. Or maybe it's just a hallucination. I'm more worried about my neck and spine, it only hurts mildly when I make circles with my head do so the damage is probably minor. I give it a few days.

Bernd 07/13/2017 (Thu) 07:49:52 [Preview] No. 8906 del
>fart right

sounds like political aligment (like alt-cuck)

Bernd 07/13/2017 (Thu) 16:14:45 [Preview] No. 8912 del
(78.69 KB 853x960 happy_mongol.jpg)

Bernd 03/19/2018 (Mon) 06:09:53 [Preview] No.14666 del
Great mene saved.

Bernd 03/20/2018 (Tue) 02:49:09 [Preview] No.14725 del
>doing exercise out of home

This is why I do pull ups and weighted pull ups at home along with other calisthenics. Unless you live in an apartment, then well yeah can't do anything for you there.

Bernd 03/20/2018 (Tue) 18:45:25 [Preview] No.14752 del
For some people it's a source of motivation the price they have to pay for visiting the gym. If they payed for X session then at least they go then. Others find the company motivational or they need a coach or someone to plan their training for them. Some hope to meet chicks there. Their reason can be many.

Bernd 03/20/2018 (Tue) 19:22:59 [Preview] No.14757 del
I really don't appreciate people who openly fart at the gym, or guys (it's always Indians) who don't wear deodorant or take care of their shoes and it stinks up a whole area.

Not only does it make my experience shitty, but when a cute girl gets within the stink zone I get worried she thinks it's me.

One time this annoying faggot with a red Jew fro got on the treadmill next to me and all I could smell were his shoes, or maybe he kept "gym clothes" in his locker and re-wore them here instead of wearing something new and washed. When you're doing cardio you tend to breathe heavily and that shit was fucking me up, I had to lean to the other side and then try breathing through a towel and then I just said fuck it and left.

How can a person be so unaware of how bad they smell?

Bernd 03/20/2018 (Tue) 19:31:09 [Preview] No.14760 del
>How can a person be so unaware of how bad they smell?
Upbringing. His family don't care he won't. Usually.
Also the receptors in his nose is accustomed to it or they just aren't as sharp as others'.

Bernd 03/20/2018 (Tue) 20:48:43 [Preview] No.14769 del
(129.16 KB 640x640 lets-go-boys-india.jpg)
>it's always Indians
>How can a person be so unaware of how bad they smell?

Although modern society tries to believe that stereotypes are relic of narrow minded epoch, reality often proves that they are true.


>Israeli-made Sewage-stinking Weapon Not Smelly Enough to Deter Indian Protesters
>The Central Reserve Police Force then decided to give the Israeli "stink bomb" a try, a non-lethal but notoriously foul, sewage-smelling liquid nicknamed "Skunk" that can be mixed with water and sprayed on protesters. The smell takes days to fade from the skin of demonstrators, even after multiple showers.
>In a test run, the bomb liquid was sprayed on a "captive crowd" in India but to no avail. What the CPRF discovered, as reported by the Hindustan Times, is that the foul-smelling weapons employed by Israeli security forces on Palestinian protestors are wholly ineffective on their Indian counterparts.

Bernd 03/20/2018 (Tue) 21:09:29 [Preview] No.14772 del
Shitting street Indians or scalping Indians?

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