Bernd 08/10/2017 (Thu) 08:21:07 No. 9508 del
I remember, my first character reached old age, turned into necromancy to prolong his life because my son was a retard and wouldn't carry the business and shortly after that moment I lost interest.

Also I'd like to say that I tried Dark Messiah and it's really fun game. Story is meh, characters are meh, but the gameplay is great. Fighting feels a bit like Skyrim except it's much better done here, also it's not open world rpg but action game, so levels are this corridor type like Call of Duty. So I guess you could say it's a mix of those both games.
There are various tools how to destroy your enemies, and without using environment like randomly placed spikes fights can be really tough. Of course the best, most fun and most overpowered is the kick, hence sometimes game is called "Orc kicking simulator". Use it as much as you can.
I really recommend this game for Bernd.