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(I'm being autistic today, sorry)

Mostly unknown but very good Russian metal (pretty atypical and avantgarde) band called Mechanical Poet. It is actually a one man project made by someone called Alexey Plotnikov, who acts as composer, guitarist and lyrics author, and also often acts in different projects. Band changes style and lineup every one-two albums, so I'll start with first two, Handmade Essence (2003, more like EP than album) and Woodland Prattlers (2004), because they are relatively similar.

This is two conceptual albums with progressive/power metal style with fairy-like atmosphere, sound, lyrics and even album cover (including some comic). For these albums band recruited pretty talented vocalist Max Samosvat (from boring local power-metal band Epidemiya, lol) who, without limits of his "main" band tries to experiment much. At some tracks he uses several different voices (like on long "Natural Quaternion") and does his job very well. Lyrics is written in complex English, especially for non-English band. Some tracks are purely symphonic or instrumental, so it isn't a power metal that everyone expects.

Albums available on youtube now, some notable (for my taste) tracks:

More metal:
Old Year's Merry Funeral: [Embed]
Strayed Moppet: [Embed]

Natural Quaternion (also epic): [Embed]
–°lue of a Scarecrow: [Embed]
Shades on a Casement: [Embed]

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