Bernd 05/09/2017 (Tue) 15:21:28 No. 6356 del
at least for me the link works

I already talked about slovene films in the thread on 8/kc/, but it might be good to share it here again.

In general, filmmakers in Slovenia are a tight-knit group of circlejerking hipsters who make terrible artsy films and pat each other on the shoulder about it. They make money by using state funds, to which nobody outside their circles de facto has access.

TV series are mostly made by academy students with their professors, and they're invariably terrible. I'm pretty sure they teach the students all the tropes and they just cram them together and think it will be k. national TV buys and shows their shit but nobody watches (everyone watches Der Bergdoktor). Comedies suffer for the same problem – instead of being funny they regurgitate old bad jokes and expect the audience to laugh on cue.

However, we have managed to produce Mitja Okorn, who I hear after recording Listy do M. and Planeta singli (mainstream premise but nod bad) in Poland (where he fled because his first film, Tu pa tam (low budget but crazy well done), was too successful, and he couldn't get funding because "his movies don't need funding because they make profit at box office anyway" as well as everyone in the hipster club started envy him) actually got a project in Hollywood. A couple other films like Petelinji zajtrk (rooster's breakfast = fucking at dawn) also managed to be good, mainly because they were recorded after novels that were already good and it would be really sad if they fucked that up.

I have subs for Tu pa tam so I could show that next Saturday in khantube. It might go well with Tropa de Elite if we make it a double and the Brazilian can provide it with subs.