Bernd 04/21/2017 (Fri) 09:15:29 No. 5636 del
Yep. We even developed dynasties here in Slovenia. Top party officials even allegedly ran some kind of matchmaking programme in a similar way to how CK2 works as a eugenics simulator or how Bene Gesserit were breeding Kwisatz Haderach (very commonly the sole purpose of such matches was to produce a child that was then raised by a single mother, or even better, with her cucked husband). Top party officials had a lot of rumoured bastard offspring.
Examples of such communist aristocracy present in Slovenia nowadays would be the prime minister Miro Cerar, EU parliament member Igor Šoltes, allegedly also Alenka Bratušek, there's even rumours that current mayor of Ljubljana, one time attempted prime minister, and former retail store magnate Zoran Janković is actually bastard son of former president and high-ranking party member Milan Kučan.