Bernd 04/21/2017 (Fri) 05:18:39 No. 5631 del
Hungary was a warehouse full of food to Austria-Hungary. The whole Empire was supplied with food from here. Mostly with good quality. Later in the years of Comecon (СЭВ) Hungarian foodstuff was widely exported or more like exchanged for other goods.
We could feed ourselves and many more easily however after '89-90 the politicians privatized i.e. stole much of the agriculture then one of the conditions of joining the EU was to terminate what's left food industry so there won't be a competition for the Western companies. Now we buy German food... Shame.
That Globus brand was great even maybe up around the year 2000. Then they started to change ingredients of their products now their canned foods taste ass.

I don't know Russian but I think that was pickled paprika (or pepper as you call it).