Bernd 04/11/2017 (Tue) 17:03:16 No. 5174 del
Haha, that sounds fun.
I recruit people up to 16 brother and rotate them. Also military background won't necessarily give good soldiers, even a bard could be a talent, it's totally random I think. There are some backgrounds that give bonuses for one thing or another. However it seems Retired Soldiers tend to be good material for sergeant (not all the time) so I'm not sure maybe there are other patterns.
I play around with tactics and weapons. For example I use 4 archer and put them into the second row but now I put them into the first then move them back when the time comes or just step forward with the melee types. Or I try to have two spearmen and channel the enemy to certain part of my line with the spearwall ability. Smarter enemy tends to avoid them.