Bernd 04/11/2017 (Tue) 16:37:10 No. 5170 del
Looks like you can fuck up on begginner too.
So it's day 90. Undeads everywhere and such. I took a contract to defend a village from invasion, pays 7000 crown, who would not take it? I even get a company of professional soldiers and local milita as help.
Then the first battle starts.
Forces are situated this way, that the shittiest milita is on front, and I'm on the back. No way to save them from the slaughter. Of course after that we win easily, but after battle I get notification that because of high casualties friendly forces are leaving what le fuck.
Then the wave 2 and 3 happens. It's very tough, I win without loses but my forces are severly depleted. A mistake I made is that I don't have reserves. I though I will keep my company elite, and later in the game only recruit expensive veterans from military backgrounds. I have only 14 men now. No time between battles to heal wounds. No time to repair equipment. It's 4th wave and they keep coming. If I retreat undead will turn this city into their fortress and my employee will hate me, but I have no chances to win. FUCK