Bernd 04/11/2017 (Tue) 05:21:21 No. 5154 del
Never played Minecraft. But Terraria, yes.

Wildmen are usually a good choice. My most agile heaviest fighters are tend to be them. Started a new game btw (it's like my 4th time, only one time managed to reach the first great crisis).
When I recruit a dude (save, hire, check stats, reload, hire those who seem all right) I check their fatigue, how high and if it has a star or two. Same with one attacking skill (except it's moar like 2-3 stars), a third skill isn't that important.
I check the traits also. Recruiting only those who are Strong or has Iron Lungs aren't feasible. I'm all right if the dude don't have any negative trait, if he has an advantageous one the better.

Where are all the stronk wimminz? This is very problematic and unacceptable.