Bernd 04/08/2017 (Sat) 16:21:44 No. 5054 del
I downloaded full version and started a new game.
It was a mistake to take begginner difficulity, but I though it would be as hard as the lowest in early access, which was pretty fucking hard as described in my previous posts. But eh, at least I don't get mad for losing too often. I'm at day ~60 btw.
Also one of my guys was a wildman. He's pretty tough warrior, but he caused a scene in one city, and I refused to pay reparations, killed the milita who tried to enforce me to pay denbts and now I'm at war with 1/3 of the cities on map :DDD
Can't beat a proffesional company of soldiers yet. Strange that half of their troops wear no helmets (just those fancy hats) but somehow I can't hit them in the head and decapitate instantly.