Bernd 04/01/2017 (Sat) 16:16:03 No. 4771 del
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Been considering it myself, but would have to be locked to keep the undesirables (80% of the online Doom community) out, kinda defeating the point. I like to play games, not babysit.

I actually have a few vanilla configs for both Odamex and Zandronum that I used on my LAN for a while. Chocolate-Doom is more my thing though, but nobody plays it.

>why not brutal doom?
Because all that mod does is attract immature children who weren't even born when Quake 3 was released let alone Doom. If I wanted to put up with that crap I would go play the reboot, which is id's half-assed Brutal Doom clone in a modern engine with enough hand-holding to be a CoD clone.