Bernd 04/01/2017 (Sat) 12:18:25 No. 4753 del
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Now it's day 40 in my game.
And yes around day 100 a great crisis will arise depending on the settings it can vary a bit. In case the great crisis averted the game goes on and a new crisis will arise. And so on.

Right now I have 17 mercs (max is 20):

highes level guy:
lvl 6: 85 Fatigue, armor 110/-10, helmet 110/-7, weapon -14

heavieast armor guys, I have five of them
armor 115/-12
their weapon varies one and two handed, they don't have shields
their Fatigue goes like this: 68 85 88 89 107
The 68 Fat. dude is only on lvl 3.

I try to increase all the mercs fatigue at every level and pick skills which increase it or lower the effects which decrease them (Brawny is great) and fits their role ofc.

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