Bernd 03/29/2017 (Wed) 16:48:41 No. 3928 del
So I am at day ~40 of battle brothers and I have mixed feelings.
Please have in mind that I'm still playing 0.6.something early access version, so those might have changed in final release.
It's all fun overall, but I reached a moment when it starts get annoying. When on the beginning someone died, it wasn't a big deal, because they were cheap and shit anyway, easy replacable by any peasant willing to exchange his life of farming for life of mercenary.
Now when I have battle-hardened veterans when someone die it's very annoying, because you cared for this character for so long, and also it cripples your team a lot now. And they die a lot because enemies became so hard. Necromancers and their skeleton armies. Orc warriors. Even goblins became more deadly recently for me. When you replace the deceased one, it's either again a lowly peasant or beggar who can't put a real fight on his 1st level, or a expensive veteran, but then your contract doesn't pay you enough for this shit. So last alternative is loading game again and again until you miraclously beat everyone withoud dying, or you give up from doing that contract.
So I was thinking, maybe I could just buy them a better equipment? I have enough crowns to make a few really heavily armored mercs. But no, fuck you fatigue. Even with leather+shield+basic helmet most of my bernds can't do shit in the middle of the battle already,
and with heavy armor they will be useless like after 2 turns.
So I don't feel like playing this game anymore which is shame because other then that it's really great.