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Games are always a good topic on imageboards. So.

Finished NFS Underground 2. For the nth time. The ending is very anti-cathartic: after a disappointing and glitchy race against the main adversary (sometimes his car jumps into nowhere) the player gets a shitty yoohoo cutscene and a your winner message.

Started to fiddle around with a new game: Battle Brothers. With some early access version as only today was released the final, full version. Couldn't find a torrent of that yet but it's still very fresh so no biggie.
The inspiration for the developer came from games like: " The original X-Com, Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat, Mount & Blade and Jagged Alliance".
You command a mercenary company, waltz around on a strat map, fight battles on tactical maps, hire warriors and do quests. Enjoyable but seems boring on the long run. I hope they will make it moddable eventually because I think it lacks some features (would be nice a main char, a notary and other stuff).
We'll see what the future holds for this game.