Bernd 01/11/2018 (Thu) 19:22:51 No.13018 del
We can omit pronouns 99,9% of the time. The verbs always indicate who is the subject of the sentence and putting pronouns into it sounds weird and redundant.
>I go. = Megyek. (= GoI.)
>You visit. = Látogatsz (= Visityou.)
>He laughs. = Nevet (= Laughs. ... as this already has an affix or suffix or whatever, we don't have genders here, it's always clear from the context)
>We run. = Futunk (Runwe.)
Well, the affixes aren't literally equal to pronouns they just signs. So the -unk isn't we in English. (we = mi)
Only those sentences need pronouns where there's no verb. Similar to English.
>Who ate the cookie? = Ki ette meg a sütit?
>Me. = Én.

I'm pretty shit at explaining grammar tho. I lack the necessary vocabulary.

>you (formal)/him/her/it,
Now this is interesting stuff. We have several level of verbal politeness. I remember a Hungarobernd writing about this on KC main. I haven't screencapped it sadly. I'm gonna follow his route but add my shit.

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