Bernd 12/07/2017 (Thu) 18:03:56 No.12426 del
I don't think as a Russian he hears/sees too much Russia-bashing media.


Those things you list are half truths and you should back those up with sources. For example I'm pretty sure that gun law isn't like how you make it sound. Also that farm thing with domestic agriculture: Russia lost the access to Ukrainian agricultural products with the tensions, Crimea and the war, also Russia forbade the import of foodstuff from the EU so those incentives you mentioned - if they true at all - are necessary to somewhat remedy the harm they caused to themselves.
>Russia has kicked out the Rothschild banking cabal
What is this even mean?
>nationalized their central banking system
Well that's how it was in the Soviet times. Which you obviously consider a very bad period for Russia.
>Everything in the Union was State-run [...] Much as we see currently with the EU. Highly regulated, monopolistic in nature, heavily controlled by unelected bureaucrats who undermine national sovereignty.
The EU is not even close.
>Highly regulated, monopolistic in nature
The EU is not even that much centralized as the US it's incomparable with the CCCP.
>heavily controlled by unelected bureaucrats

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