Bernd 12/07/2017 (Thu) 17:19:06 No.12423 del
>Russia has more respect for their people than Europe or America has for their own kind, I'm not going to lie

A Soviet joke:

Foreign diplomats visit Soviet kindergarten. Local official instructed kids to say that USSR is best in everything. Diplomats ask kids:
- Kids, do you know about other countries? What country has best toys?
- Soviet Union!
- Kids of what country has best clothes?
- Soviet Union kids!
- What country has best childhood?
- Soviet Union!
Then some boy started to cry suddenly:
- Why you are crying?
- I want to live in Soviet Union!

I mean, you are wrong, and it is sad that foreigners really buy this media shit about "patriotism", "own kind" and other. Especially about savior of whito peoplu, that is the most hilarious thing.

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