Bernd 12/07/2017 (Thu) 16:43:18 No.12420 del
Not so much as it was back during the Soviet Union, there are actually programs in Russia that incentivize citizens to create independent businesses and for families to farm / contribute to domestic agriculture.

Currently you'd be surprised how much Russia has changed. Russia has allowed Russians to purchase firearms for self defense (law passed back around 2014), Russia has steamrolled projects to give away farmland to Russian families who will grow organic crops for food markets, Russia has kicked out the Rothschild banking cabal and nationalized their central banking system, Russia has allowed significant amounts of private entities to tap into their oil reserves (as to trade oil between BRICS nations)... all these reforms would have never taken place if it were not for the collapse of the Soviet Union. Everything in the Union was State-run, and run right into the ground I should add. Much as we see currently with the EU. Highly regulated, monopolistic in nature, heavily controlled by unelected bureaucrats who undermine national sovereignty.

Putin has done more for Russian sovereignty than any other Russian president has in the last 100 years.