Bernd 11/13/2017 (Mon) 18:16:12 No. 11873 del

There was Zmago Jelinčič """"Plemeniti"""" (meaning "the noble" as he claims to be descended from some nobility, but that's really far removed and he's some irrelevant branch of an already irrelevant family that has never held any real titles), leader of SNS (the nationalist party), ex-husband of the most important jewess writer in Slovenia and father of a literal kibbutz jew. He's a massive irredentist, is always right (when his views are challenged he starts telling the same thing he said before only louder and doesn't let opponents finish), claims Croats are all nazis and should be embargoed in all possible ways, wants to wage war for Istria, well basically the /pol/ tier car bomber dude except more hotheaded. He sat in the parliament until Janković ran in 2012; presumably because ironically all the Serbs voted him (Janković was the first Serb candidate) solely on grounds of hating Croats.

Otherwise, Slovene politics is severely lacking in charisma. Perhaps Janez Janša would be the most charismatic politician, and even he looks more like he's just egotripping without any real goal.