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Programming Bernd 05/19/2017 (Fri) 08:41:22 [Preview] No. 6818 [Reply]
It never ends. There's always something more to be learned. This is absolutely horrible.
>Now that you've learned this concept, we can start with a new one...
>Now that you've learned this concept, we can start with a new one...
>Now that you've learned this concept, we can start with a new one...
>Now that you've learned this concept, we can start with a new one...
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Bernd 05/30/2017 (Tue) 05:17:03 [Preview] No. 7278 del

Srsly? This all is last night's traffic? 8ch/kc has more life than this. Everyone went on vacation?

Bernd 05/30/2017 (Tue) 06:01:59 [Preview] No. 7279 del
>What language is the one you run into everywhere? Is there a language like javascript that is good to have under your belt?

Python is actually better than js as universal all-around language. It surely has own flaws, but overall it is better designed than js, has good libraries for almost any area of programming, pretty easy and powerful. You can write small/medium program or quick prototype very fast, and then decide what to do, rewrite it to C/C++/whatever or use as is. Js is good only for some niches, node is meh, community is shit and only one good thing about it is popularity (i.e. amount of already written code for quick use).

However, learning js isn't bad thing, it is widely used and it is good to have skills to work with it. Knowing C is also a good thing, it is language that used as low-level base almost everywhere. C++ is pretty big to learn properly, but basic knowledge of it wouldn't be bad, even if you don't want to write something in it. Knowledge of different types of languages is always good for you. Some lisps, for example, also fun, I recommend trying to read SICP at least for one time.

If you know few of these, you can easily learn languages of same type in short time.

Bernd 05/30/2017 (Tue) 06:05:03 [Preview] No. 7280 del
Also this depends on your work, in some areas there are must-to-know languages that everyone need (like C in low-level/driver programming or Fortran in science).

Bernd 05/31/2017 (Wed) 07:05:36 [Preview] No. 7306 del
They're not supposed to be there. They've probably never heard of this site, or they've heard of it without knowing any reason to prefer this place over where they're at.

Bernd 03/31/2017 (Fri) 02:48:30 [Preview] No. 4390 [Reply]
A programming assignment is due in about an hour. Anyone else remember the panic of trying to turn in an assignment on time back in college? I hate this feeling of a time limit.
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Bernd 03/31/2017 (Fri) 04:00:00 [Preview] No. 4405 del
woman becomes whore...
chad - truck driver...
and autist - programmer

Bernd 03/31/2017 (Fri) 20:57:00 [Preview] No. 4714 del
I'm always late with my programming assignments. I used to worry about it a lot and still be late, now I don't worry and Im still late, they just give me lower marks but let me pass.

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 19:32:51 [Preview] No. 7270 del
This too.

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 19:45:32 [Preview] No. 7272 del
>Anyone else remember the panic of trying to turn in an assignment on time back in college?

I never did any programming assignment in university. I never studied as programmer though.

t. working as programmer for near 8 years

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 20:33:46 [Preview] No. 7273 del
Happens. At least you had the initiative to learn it by yourself and look for job despite the lack of papers.

Bernd 04/13/2017 (Thu) 04:34:50 [Preview] No. 5200 [Reply]
I'm getting really frustrated with school. Time is running out and I'm being given these big final projects. I'm not worried of the possibility of failing a class - far from it. I'm worried of getting a B in one of my classes, staining my 4.0 GPA once and for all.

Bernd 04/13/2017 (Thu) 09:15:28 [Preview] No. 5207 del
Such is the life of a slave who has lost direction.

Bernd 04/13/2017 (Thu) 09:48:33 [Preview] No. 5208 del
High school was the worst four years of my life

Bernd 04/14/2017 (Fri) 16:45:41 [Preview] No. 5280 del
This is college, scrub! Highschool was fine by me because I didn't care at all about my grades.

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 19:31:51 [Preview] No. 7269 del
Florida thread

Bernd 05/24/2017 (Wed) 06:55:39 [Preview] No. 7016 [Reply]
>whack off to cute underage girl on periscope
>notice she didn't realize she's logged in to her dad's twitter account before streaming
>look up her dad and see that he's a weapons manufacturer, specializing in knives and swords and was featured on a show on the history channel
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Bernd 05/28/2017 (Sun) 06:36:11 [Preview] No. 7212 del
If you consider keeping a machine up and running zero effort... sure.

Bernd 05/28/2017 (Sun) 06:58:19 [Preview] No. 7216 del

As long as something looks sophisticated, fancy or "cool" and it's expensive no matter how useless people will buy it.

You dun goofed. The internet police will backtrace you. Consequences will never be the same.

Bernd 05/28/2017 (Sun) 07:18:13 [Preview] No. 7221 del
(172.80 KB 566x526 im_gonna_kill_bernd.jpg)
Forreal nigga, this dude looks like a fucking killer. You better hide. This guy spends 40 hours a week shooting arrows and crafting knives.

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 05:03:43 [Preview] No. 7240 del
Post some blades.

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 19:28:37 [Preview] No. 7268 del
(22.50 KB 921x606 facepalm.jpg)
Watched that. All in all interesting.
At 2:22:57 - 2:24:25 (from first stutters to leaving) that assburger. Holy cow.

(65.01 KB 572x548 btfo.jpg)
Create a file with java.io.File Bernd 05/28/2017 (Sun) 03:30:38 [Preview] No. 7190 [Reply]
>follow book example exactly
>it doesn't work
>copy and paste the code
>it doesn't work
>copy it over to another machine
>it doesn't work
>assignment is due tomorrow by midnight
I'll use other methods of creating a file, one that isn't based off of an example from 2004.
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Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 04:05:58 [Preview] No. 7237 del
Florida thread

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 05:10:09 [Preview] No. 7242 del
How do you know?

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 18:16:16 [Preview] No. 7259 del
I'm curious how he knows as well, because he's actually right.

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 18:46:52 [Preview] No. 7262 del
Probably you poasted about programming and the learning of that back on 8. From then it could be a lucky guess.

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 19:03:53 [Preview] No. 7267 del
No, I've known programming for quite some time now and never made a thread on 8chan about it. Probably the file name gave it away. I must have posted that picture on sadchan since that site says which state you're posting from.

(172.80 KB 566x526 im_gonna_kill_bernd.jpg)
Bernd 05/28/2017 (Sun) 07:43:15 [Preview] No. 7222 [Reply]
This guy hunts you down, carrying an arsenal of his finest knives, swords & crossbows. What would you do? Think you could survive?

Note that he's a professional crossbow shooter and makes swords and knives for a living.
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Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 16:51:51 [Preview] No. 7249 del
He would have a very hard time finding me.

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 17:00:27 [Preview] No. 7251 del
I, being jew, propose him to strike a deal on knife purchase, and I slowly swindle him so that I am the one who makes profit while he happily complies with my superior business plan.

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 18:30:23 [Preview] No. 7261 del
That depends.
Does he slap my girlfriend's ass?

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 18:47:07 [Preview] No. 7263 del
No, but the situation resulted from you slapping his underage daughter's ass.

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 19:01:09 [Preview] No. 7266 del
He's coming after you because you got with his daughter. He's not there to slap his daughter's ass, but to kill you.

Bernd 05/28/2017 (Sun) 06:31:33 [Preview] No. 7211 [Reply]
>This test has a time limit of 30 minutes.
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Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 18:09:11 [Preview] No. 7257 del
lmao kek that's some serious faggy shit

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 18:11:57 [Preview] No. 7258 del
What the fuck? Why would your teacher let you leave class? It's allowed for college students to leave once they're done with a test, but highschool teachers would never let you leave the classroom. And how does dropping out of school work? Didn't your parents make you go to school? I think it's required by law over here that you must go to school.

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 18:21:51 [Preview] No. 7260 del
I went and signed up at an alternative school.
Formalised everything with both schools.

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 18:48:08 [Preview] No. 7264 del
>I think it's required by law over here that you must go to school.
He said high school? I believe only primary is mandatory.

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 19:00:39 [Preview] No. 7265 del
Here it's age 16. Was the last time I checked.

(239.17 KB 1024x681 malom.JPG)
(80.17 KB 1000x1000 makita.jpg)
(13.81 KB 300x300 svejci.jpg)
(112.67 KB 673x550 lombfűrész.jpg)
Bernd 05/25/2017 (Thu) 18:23:22 [Preview] No. 7098 [Reply]
How do you like your saws, Bernd?
I like the ones which bites when I push because I prefer to establish the groove with careful pulling.
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Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 06:55:34 [Preview] No. 7245 del
it probably helps that german was the first foreigh language that i "learned" before the school

when i was like 5 there was a kids show entirely in german, and i dunno i just could speak some very basic german back then, i think i learned it by memorizing like kids do

i had no plans to learn any language btw, i didn't know who hitler was etc i just liked the show (it was stupid btw, just some medievil fairy tale with stage actors, but i liked it)

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 06:58:36 [Preview] No. 7246 del
btw it was actually a show for learning the language, not just something random

there were some 'lessons' and repetition and it was greatly simplified

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 16:06:38 [Preview] No. 7247 del
>when i was like 5 there was a kids show entirely in german

What show?

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 16:17:27 [Preview] No. 7248 del
I bet it was Spaß mit Onkel Adolf, an all time classic.

Bernd 05/29/2017 (Mon) 17:17:15 [Preview] No. 7252 del
i don't know the name even
it was on equivalent of Kultura channel of that time (the kind of channel where they're blasting classical music)

185 for 5 reps never ever Bernd 05/23/2017 (Tue) 04:53:25 [Preview] No. 6964 [Reply]
>Do all 5 reps of 180lbs, allowing me to try to squat 185 next workout, which would be a milestone for me because I'd be using plate + 25
>Chest pain out of nowhere that puts me out of the gym for a week and a half
>Get back to the gym, attempt 185 and fail on the 5th rep
>So fucking tired that I lower it to 175, and again only get 4 reps
>lower it again to 165 and get 5 reps
Then came today, 2 days later, the worst workout I ever had.
>huge dinner, ate too much, feel like shit and don't want to work out
>185lbs failed with only 3 reps done
>175lbs failed with 3 reps out of 5
165lbs failed on the very first rep since I went down too fast and then I couldn't push my way back up. It was so embarrassing to set up the weights and fail on the first rep and take it off again. I finally put the weights down to 155lbs and got all 5 reps without a problem.

I fell for the "EAT BIG TO GET BIG, CMON!" meme. Never EVER eat big before a workout, your stomach will feel full even after nearly 3 hours of digestion. If you're going to "EAT BIG TO GET BIG, CMON! LEAVE HUMANITY BEHIND!" do so 5 hours before working out or else you're going to feel like you're going to throw up.
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Bernd 05/23/2017 (Tue) 16:48:43 [Preview] No. 7001 del
(88.44 KB 467x600 1336861854960.jpg)
Unless Piana grew a clit... OF COURSE THE GRILLS!

Bernd 05/23/2017 (Tue) 16:53:35 [Preview] No. 7003 del
>>that voice

>Tits are probably fake and her clit probably hangs lower than her labia.

These two could have been separate thought.

Bernd 05/23/2017 (Tue) 16:56:15 [Preview] No. 7005 del
(9.75 KB 249x238 1280620742831s.jpg)
Could've, should've but wasn't, neeeeerd.

Bernd 05/24/2017 (Wed) 06:04:31 [Preview] No. 7015 del
I always work out on an empty stomach. There is no better feel than eating like a pig after a good workout.

Bernd 05/28/2017 (Sun) 06:56:19 [Preview] No. 7215 del
(111.89 KB 276x269 NO.png)
bro this either is the worst pasta ive seen or youre an idiot.

Bernd 05/24/2017 (Wed) 16:36:50 [Preview] No. 7031 [Reply]
1. you are a cunt
2. are you jew

>trans-country slovenia to deutschland
>im jew

https://youtube.com/watch?v=Piwkx5x5Rtc [Embed]
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Bernd 05/26/2017 (Fri) 19:10:35 [Preview] No. 7124 del
1. Eat my shit asshole
2. Maybe

Bernd 05/26/2017 (Fri) 19:34:50 [Preview] No. 7129 del
ⰻⰵⱄⰿ ⰶⰺⰴ

Bernd 05/27/2017 (Sat) 00:44:27 [Preview] No. 7132 del
What kind of moonrunes are these, some weird ass tai-kadai branchoff spoken in some rural part of laos/thailand?

Bernd 05/27/2017 (Sat) 01:06:52 [Preview] No. 7133 del
Pure slavrunes.