Anonymous 01/10/2017 (Tue) 08:02:58 Id: 70c16e No. 390 del
>By the raising of the master mason.
It's probably closer to Mithra than Osiris. The latter had a lot more shit happen to him.
>It conveniently is a mosaic of compasses
Well yea, like i said, the streets radiate out from the two main buildings.
>Clearly there is more than efficiency here.
Ever driven there? Not efficient at all.
>That is a masonic binding to specific locations that correspond to leylines.
Leylines aren't Masonic. Hell, it predates such nonsense.
>But an inverse pentagram is satanic regardless of context.
Again, for "satanists", yes. But that's a recent development (La Vey).
>It is really hard to accept the eastern star as a christian symbol.
And people find it hard to accept the upside down crucifix as one too, but that's their problem.
>Especially in its relation to the crescent. that is seen in the mystic shrine and it also is the flag of Islam.
What has that got to do with anything?
>The moon and the stars is not a symbol of Christianity.
Moon isn't a typical one, but stars usually are. I take it you're not familiar with the Nativity? Or Christ referring to himself as the Morning Star?

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