Anonymous 04/06/2018 (Fri) 04:56:04 No.1641 del
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The last few posts are very manic and when it comes to the sheer violence factor its more subtle and if they are doing this crap its not gonna be everywhere. A lot of cultural memes are from this like the usage of the crown in things like and whatnot.But you can't rubber stamp whole communities of comic book lovers etc as satanists.In fact the jesters have a controlling sub group called sobib or the soverign order of brothers in blood. Apparently its a powerful faction that senate anon tipped us off to the billiken corp which ownes perry's in DC which is where comet ping pong got its sign from the comet liquors next door to perry's. he said to look for the sobib logo and their logo is Arabic is sobib the power behind isis?

I need to research sobib more