Anonymous 04/05/2018 (Thu) 19:27:29 No.1638 del
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Little smart edgy baby stewie-ewie-ooh. Talk like a kike act like a kike be a baby and sound like a british mad genius why cant the profane be this cool. This fucking little cartoon is so edgy that the retarded ms-13 latinas will think its some edgy thing thats how popular the stewie meme is. Stewie and cool babies are the only way you can make it you have to do the baby occultism and its edgy and cool and not fucked out at all it cant be its a weapon against the american family unit having an infant sow discord and also be a evil yet clever baby like any good bilikin.

rugrats innovators gave us this ejaculation symbolism in the intro to rugrats. Squirting a milk bottle into a camera that dissolves into the logo of the show is not as wholesome as you might think.They literally roll up kids in rugs to transport them to the lodge/kill rooms/fancy buisnesses with secret rooms. Rugrats while whatever kind of nostalgia is adults talking like babies always in conflict. You think tommy worrying about his dog spike is something that you would want to hear after a hangover? This is literally the reason CAILLOU WAS USED BY PODESTA WHILE HE HOSED DOWN THE BOY WITH SCOLDING WATER. THEY MAKE SHIT LIKE CAIILOU LIKE CHARLIE BROWN AND THEN THEY HAVE KIDS SEE THEMSELVES AS TOMMY PICKLES SO THAT THEY CAN EMOTE MORE THEATRICALLY WHILE THEY ARE BEING MASONICALLY MURDERED AKA TOURTURED AND REVIVED TO EXHAUSTION AND CLIMAXED WITH MASONIC BEHEADING WORSHIP FOR LOOSH ADRENOCHROME COLLECTED FROM THE BACK OF THE NECK WITH SYRINGES AFTER THEY ADRENOLIZE THE CHILDREN WHO TRY AND FIGHT THEIR WAY OUT OF CLOWNS SACRIFICING THEM WHILE HOPPING AND SHIT WITH A TOMMY PICKLES MENTALITY.

When icp sang "I'm violent Jay and I'm Back like a vertabre" he is talking about being violent and then collecting adrenochrome or "loosh" through the spinal cord