Anonymous 04/05/2018 (Thu) 19:05:57 No.1637 del
I'm not fucking around anymore time to expose these creeps. People who get into the reddit/8chan/mason nerd shit pretend that they are peeved by "creepy clowns". They only enjoy trying to be edgy by talking about how clowns are creepy and the clown sightings etc. They dont have the moral fortitude to understand the police are part of the clown shit. Masons kill kids with black lipstick on as a heath ledger lodger kind of professional quirky guy that kills kids by pressing the thumbs into the eyes of children that they must never see a tyled lodge so they shall never see again then they torture them to death. Every single person who you think is a great person knows this and is at least passivley aware of this enough to pretend like they dont know what the jesters are. But they keep it lighthearted by legitimizing the masonic phenomina of first seeing then reporting/recording "random clowns". Its nothing but them taunting those who have been literally traumitized in youth by people rushing around in cheap plastic devil masks and getting really into organic clown movements. A cult in fact the clown crown the cap and bells the jesters. No they want to have the clown thing be a little upvote thing or a talking point for how the alt right is winning some culture war or some other way to ignore the actual clowns. They do not want to do jack shit except reduce it to people dressing as dirty clowns and standing by roads randomly.They have the audacity to think this is like a betty boop woman who is a little edgy no the edgy smiling baby is because they stab babies on tables sitting around babies and they call that poker. So also gang raping people with bondage is poker. Poke her HE HO HA. Poke that HO. Prostitutes are literally called HO's not as derived from the word WHORE rather from the iconic laugh ritualism within the secret society. I thought colcasper was reaching when he said "He haw was all of this." well it really is. its not some betty boop innocent thing. Its a method of destruction and like how mad magazine was originally a magazine a scary magazine drived to make you MAD. Not Mad as hell and not willing to take it anymore but Mad as in stupid enough to allow this shit that you think is like a boys club or a betty boop sort of novelty thing that people are into.

'Royal Order of Jester Girl Code of Conduct Room Service – there will be no charges to the rooms (food or otherwise). Phones will be used within the building only. No local or long distance calls that would be to the room. Proper dress is required when leaving the floor including attendance of special functions and should never be in the company of a member. Lobby bar is off limits. Non invited guests are not welcome in the lobby bar. Hotel restaurant is acceptable for meals and drink. The other hotel restaurant is acceptable when alone or with associates, but no members are allowed at your tables. No rules at the Hospitality rooms up or downstairs. Room assignments are made by the Designated Man. He will have the keys. Payment for the rooms will be made to the designated party of 300. All papers and certifications must be up to date. Most recent designations must be within two months of your arrival date. Primary conference will be at 5pm on Thursday and stunts will be arranged for Friday afternoon. Discuss appropriate dress for the weather at the Park. Make arrangements for transportation, and day bag placement. Remember to engage a ride back. No long term commitments are to take place during the meeting. Pre and post stays are not to be in the meeting area and are not at a special rate. Copy of your commitment should be made to the Man prior to your attendance, including flight reservation numbers. Suggest more than two weeks in advance. Enjoy and have Phun''