Anonymous 04/04/2018 (Wed) 18:37:57 No.1628 del
Defiantly something that would shake things up. Though we see john podesta mention a "torture chamber" in his podesta leaks and no one bats an eye.While there have been leaks from even the rothchilds with James Alefantis being james rothchild HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT BILIKIN MAN. The hillary DNC leaks shows liberal celebrity collusion.Some anons are chipping away here and there but defiantly a consolidation and people need to make sense of the leaks. That is also a task as we see in wikileaks which wombed pizzagate. But Even more crucial than financial deception at this time is exposure of the false flag masonic tribute events like stoneman psyop along with #evileyeglove. so much win and people are not even allowed to think of themselves as anon anymore... At least on 8chan its somehow bad to use the imagery that is what people define each other as since /b/. No we have to pull up our socks and help the masonic alt right show off their faggotry to fight the blue team the liberal diversion. You look at 8chan they have stickies for state senate elections. Since when is voting politically incorrect? Pull off the snake skin and then lulz can flow with the memetics. Memetics are the way out of this because they have Wikipedia'd and parenthesized "((("their")))" nonsense down to the letter there is no talking them out of their delusion they must be memetically engaged along with pwning them. They have finances wrapped into the dollar bill its debt that is by the book. Corruption on the up and up. raiding wall street does little but bring up the fact that labor is more important than the mind of a man. Occupy a job they said. The great depression is proof they control the economy and they are trying to destroy anonymity which was a goal of the 2016 bildeberg conference.