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Skimming my OP I see I mentioned my "caveman chops", and, like so much of my gibberish, it's not immediately clear "what the fuck is he talking about?" So this is the one I meant, It's really just a capture from the fine SJG GURPS book "Ice Age". Essentially the point I am making, is that perhaps in many ways our long lost ancestors, (No I will not mention Gandalf of the Shire here) had a simpler life? Tho we may move forward in tech, do we also move forward in stupidity? In some ways, this generation is whom I hope to reach with this particular chop, but with all the buyllshit they have to process, and the lack of the grups ability to understand what has been done, collectively, to these kids, well, how can they ever find the time, to sit under the fig tree, and take the smoke into their bones, and solemnly contemplate existence, as the fine GURPS library of books, available from SJG websites, allows us to do? From my perspective, the authors and artists who comprised that fine library, are the finest collection on Earth. Indeed, I can speak to you of money, and what it means, in several time frames at once, as can my friends, just from contemplating all the various options of gamemastering and indeed, roleplaying the role of GM, as we do. We see our player participants sitting at the table of our mind, and we contemplate, "How do I give them a good experience?" ...You see, we do not build a cavman character over hours and hours, to then send our player against fifty wampa, to be shredded. To do so, is to reflect a cruel "god" or at least that is what the whole tabletop RP aura is about, feeling that the character has evolved. So, by understanding people better, I become a better Dundeon Master. Oh I mean, well, did they have dungeons in 3000bc? Anyway as one has asked quite sagely on AboveTopShlomocret:

>"What if there is no record of the currency, because the currency of these people, is to horrible to comprehend?"

And in this question, I think perhaps this chop can also help us answer, because, really now, what do we expect from cavemen or kids?