Anonymous 10/13/2017 (Fri) 06:06:52 No. 1398 del
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Through great torment one can overcome and in that we find it was only the insistance that we can not overcome the trauma and shame based tornent. This video is not dont but it is a prototype of the memes that can uplift the spirit out of the disassociation into a higher mind where we can truley overcome this abuse and the mental miming of reassuring everything is ok after having been sra'd in childhood. The next episode of wems will feature a more completed version of this meme. SO many things I want to add to it like the pepe we all have in ourselves for better or worse. We survivors live in the mind as an escape but now it is the area of thought nowadays. I think that is why they call all those "artists" creatives. Because they are all disassociated from the here and now. Art is not living in the moment it is creating a safe space to have your own little moment and that largely is the failure of modern art.