Anonymous 10/06/2017 (Fri) 07:49:06 No. 1379 del
The real task is breaking down these tokens into some sort of system or list. I think the 5 points of fellowship is a big chunk of that. Also the way the phrasing of "pizza" being used in the context of social media or making a pizza reference on social media like many of these half a fag satanists have been keenly doing.That as a generational baton of sorts is reminiscent of the whole vogue way of life. These are the princes of mischief they are standing in public talking across streets to each other like people who wave lights on the runways.caught in the middle of a due guard looking like a chef spinning dough in the air pointing to the insanity of it all. The ok hand sign. If pop poses like throwing the yoni up somehow retroactively is not masonic still all of it is suspicious in its own right.