Anonymous 10/06/2017 (Fri) 07:33:44 No. 1378 del
Now this is random but I had used this song in a webm before and not the chorus because I specifically could not associate a soul kitchen with any sort of thing really. Kind of strange the lyrics are all very flowing poetic phrasings but that shows how little I know. I really should have asked myself what a soul kitchen had to do with speaking in secret alphabets and doing finger gesturing but now I am faced with the same question but not much of an answer

I vaugley remember using the part of the song where he goes
"speak in secret alphabets" for a webm a while ago. Now Just thinking of the song from hearing The Doors earlier The title sticks out like a sore thumb. There is a re-occuring theme of satanic non sequetors in this bands music. I dont know what a soul kitchen is and its not some ad-libbed lyric there is reference to an oven and almost a moloch baal implication.this is in fact a reference to whatever the fuck pizza is in the spirit cooking/artistic context.

"learn to forget" is what drives the point home it obviously complet4es the masonic reference and in such a way that by saying "learn to forget" he is changing the subject, its what people have to do to suck it up and live on the other end of this deception.
And again we see the secret guestures and masonic cyphers implied and a forced ignoring of this by society.