Anonymous 10/05/2017 (Thu) 23:13:50 No. 1377 del
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look at the secret conclave part of the video they are playing poker in arabic garb. Seems like the kind of people who may have used the vegas shooting as a method of incorporating their beliefs with their aspirations of a one world police state. Illuminating is it that the attack was on the 33rd floor and it showcases the symbology these people have historically projected onto all kinds of media. Therefore the fact that the luxor hotel was the setting for this false flag means that it is congruent with the symbolic usage of Egyptian motif by Freemasons as evident by the back of a dollar bill. As evident by this vague Illuminati which is an extension or graduate degrees in the masonic tradition. Luxor means the source of light at the very least observe the strange admitted usage and declarations by shiners that they call themselves lucifer maybe the luxor coincidence is convenient for luciferian Mohammedan shiners and bibs who think hat they can throw all of masonry under the buss except for themselves the elect the sovereign brothers of the 33rd degree and the sovereign brothers bathing in the blood in the blazing hot sands of the mystic shrine.