Anonymous 05/18/2017 (Thu) 13:06:25 No. 1080 del

Hmm first one looks like scrambled web eggs but the page layout is far far more readable and useful than say all mass media rags or websites like wa post or shitstain rag NYT so, props to the desginer. It's like shit filligree in HTML.

Second one, meh, too bloggy, not anough data.

Third one, WTF, my ten year orgone creation blog? Uhm, nah. I am not an orgonain though I respect Reich's love for sexuality I just don't feel I need orgone to have a good life.

Thanks buddy, I am thinking of you too. But I don't want anyone to go "insane" as you call it. We got enough of that "insane behavior" shit with bath salts sniffing and negro culture being spread about so much.