Anonymous 05/17/2017 (Wed) 13:25:29 No. 1077 del
[cont] tho I did fill that thread with some good stuff. I wish Cryptsy and FBI and MTGOX history had gone different. I wish Obama had never even been allowed to run. But foremost, what has happened in "the shadows" of this world, in the past years since JFK was brutally gunned down, is the true and brutal horror, that has been done to the entire world. If you say "Jews did JFK and 9/11" who will sit down and say to you "Oh? Tell me more?" Such conversations don't happen. And in this way, even as right now, the very core of "Christianity" is discussed at never before seen levels, globally, one sees how 1963 scenario 12D or whatever, takes shape again, once anyone gets a true sight picture on the truth. And of course Jesus overturned the moneychangers (debtmongers) and that part escapes the idiots who post all the Christcuck shit. Even the use of the word cuck, for example, is just more Jew bullshit. Does YHWH cuckold his owned males andy more than Satan does? So in many ways this is all just rage at midnight before the dawn. In relationships, we "own" each other, that's a fact. When people get divorced, they divide what they owned in tandem. Including the human babies they made together. So, what this all means is that as BTC becomes a vessel for all that you know exists but which TV wont discuss, then BTC and TV become opponents, and if you look closely they are. Thus I would say probably Jesus' fingers are curling under the money of this world. I don't know how he will turn their tables and upset them this time, but I feel that it is important that we discuss it. And so that triad of MONEY > FALSEFLAGS > ANON/DOXXING ERA is the triad of hypocrisy that you won't step to, but which, if Jesus does in some way act on this world, well, that triad will be like a dinner triangle in the old west, like they'd ring at the chuckwagon. Jesus would come back and ring that triad a ringalingadinga like a mad chef. He'd call every cowboy in the west to that meal. And so, if you understood or agree with what I wrote, then, what next? Even if there was a mic, I'd not step to it because there's too many paid violent nihilist shitbags lurking about thinking to damage anything good. But I assume Jesus would be shitbag proof. But how? How would Jesus be unable to have fruit thrown at him? And also, if he did show up, naturally it would be Jews who would throw the fruit at him? And so one would then say that probably he wouldn't come, but that he would subtly and invisibly force "Abraham's Kids" to go to war internally. Civil war in Israel is actually as I said from that start, my primary goal. Why is that? To get revenge for JFK, USS Liberty, and Northwoods 9/11 events. And so it is Jews themselves, who have Christian (converted talmud hating Jews) within their midst, within their state, whom they do not open talks with. "Not one step back" and so on. A Stalin motif as I recall. So Jesus is inside the heart, as I always have said. Some would say "Jews will always be Jews" but no, if they cease to be debtmongers and talmudists, they can begin the road to recovery from theocracy. [EOM]