Anonymous 05/17/2017 (Wed) 13:24:06 No. 1076 del
[cont] by cooperating in any way with their machinery, you do surrender a portion of yourself. So, yeah I understand that truly great people pay attention to detail, and spelling. And also, when I am reading some classic book and I find a spelling error, I say to myself "Aha!" heh, so, yes I will try to give more ufcks about spelling and going back to check my work. Also, martial arts has left me with borken and mangled hands, and so they hiut the keyboard differently than they used to do.

2: Having addressed one of the issues, that of spelling, I must also say that part of the reason I don't post in due to my respect for this board, horror, and its special, slow and direct, step. Thus, I feel that by being quiet (lurk more aheh) I serve my porpoises in a better way. Which is odd because I am such a motormouth and keyboard shmuck, that to be quiet when some Ezekiel or Job's counselor voice in me cries out to speak, is difficult and counter intuitive. If one was raised in some sort of theocracy, one has to take years, to then, re align ones notions to any other sort of -ocracies. Or pols or systems or isms, what we call "beliefs". So, what I mean with this part, is, horror is specifically done by a fine artist of subtle works, and thus, how shall I post here and cause myself to be elevated, when it is the room, the discussion, the if you will "anti lodge" feeling, that we all sit here and simple re-read the fine work, that has already been done. Thus again, I do not post as I would like to do. Sure, I admit, if pol disbanned me, I'd chop up all the threads and dominate them again, as I did before. That was not what they want, so it's like I am failed for having chosen any existing endy board, but this one, which, I must fall into step with, due to my admiration for this cadre. Thus I fail to get the word out, due to feeling, there is no real forum. Some would say, "Dude, get on IRC and whatnot, we are chatting 24/7 it never stops bro" yes, I get that. But you see, that itself is a chimerical road, that of "missing something". Indeed I would say if I am right and IP goes dark as the true fight for it begins, well, some will have IRC and operational eyes, and most will not. If I was addicted to IP, I would suffer in those conditions if it goes dark. Thus must I "wean" myself from IP. This is not possible for many people, they are not able to paddle their way away from the maelstrom. In my eyes, horror, right here, is the place that is the calm of the eye. Anything relevant will be heard here. And yet, the nihilist of Pike and his ilk, do linger, looking for special people so that they may fling a battery or bottle at them and then duck into the crowd of shitbirds. Thus, if a "microphone" exists, the maskshits will attack this.

3: My cadence always specifically relates to Northwoods 9/11. But, can one say this is a "profit sector"? No, and that's the rub: Studying or depicting tastefully or artfully, conspiracy truth events like that day, is not where one is going to accumulate sheckles. Indeed, shecklemongering is done by those who can look AWAY from that day, and from the JFK era which built those towers. Thus, all art opposes 9/11 truth, and that's a sad thing. I am of course excluding Banksy, but his 9/11 thing with the flowers coming out was truely grotesque so I feel that now he is well off, its time for him to become known and to step to the mic. Also I would call out FBI dude anon. Bro, why do you promote 4channel? They are teamed with Googshits big time. Step off that domain. You said Comey was on the side of good, well now we can see what he is really about. And this brings me to the point of this part number 3 and it is this: BTC combined with the upheavel and spy versus spy in not just the FBI but also the KGB and its Mossad connects, is going to be a rough transition. On bitcoin forums I am known as "itsunderstood". I tried to salvage a BTC clone called "Benjamins" and it was an total failure from my perspective tho I did fill that thread with some good stuff. I wish