Anonymous 05/17/2017 (Wed) 13:22:29 No. 1075 del
Okay my friends, I decided to totally "sperg" out here in this early AM magical surety.

Shit's fucked up, as I am sure you know. Just observing endy pol since BO made his moves, is frightening and I am glad I have no part in any of that, and have not ever shitposted nor ban evaded. I shall sit out my year long ban, as mentioned. However yes I have been shining the heck out of some threads on GLP and they know me like some retarded cousin who is always around. I have thought of many different things to post and do here, but none of them stimulate me as if to say "there is artistic merit here". I realize now of course than the chan-nels are the modern release channel. Almost like Home Box Office used to be, or Showtime, where if you stayed up late, there was also "Skinemax" as we called it. When I was a kid, if your parents had Cinemax on cable TV, holy shit you were lucky. Because in my house, my mom would actually store the television in the closet during "Christmas", so Jew-controlled was she. I pleaded with her to finally, please let me watch NFL football, and thus broke the Jewish anti Christmas control in that way. Isn't it odd that loving parents would actually think that "Christmas TV commercials" are infiltrating their home? Think about that for a moment when you read some dude hating Jesus so much on pol. In some ways, Christmas spirit, is the true essence of all the phases of how Jesus shames the Jews, forever.

Anyway, this is the away-from-Christmas nexus, what is called "Summer" in my hemisphere of the globe (northern). And yet in Summer, doth Santa allow us to see the truly sublime sights and sounds. The magical and utterly entrancing laughter of children at play. The warm glow of sundown and the crickets as the only sound. Late sunny days thanks to that Sun high up in the sky. Ahhh, and yet, don't we think of Christmas at these times? Hmm, no, some people do not understand what I just wrote. And so, All I did so far is recommend a book, for the summer. Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana Jr. And, I have sat here and thought "Wow, I should start explaining that book to them." and then I sit back and I do not. I feel that godlike at this time, has the energy, and that is where I have typed my notions these few last days. But I get banned so often. I will say my ban posts are all capped and might be posted, they are pretty funny posts that get me banned. It's not my desire to annoy but to test their truth PH. And yet, am I posting them here? No. I am trying to be more civil. I sense a lot of "building up" of feelings, and, I am kinda in grief about pol deleting my epic chops, when I spent so much great times making them, in those heady days of endy when Trump became the Pres.

So, I started typing this in the same form as one of my favourite IP bloggers, who shalln't be named. He just types thoughtstreams like this one. I thought to myself "Just type to them because the deletion of your fine chops, has left a fog of confusion for anyone who cares about you or your work." I am all like "Enh." ...I think masonigger said "Dude stop talking about yourself or any of that idiotic stuff, just post your epic redpill thread and be done with that." and I heard him. Perhaps that's what I am doing right now? So.

1: Yes I know I spell like a total idiot. I also notice that my lack of shits in this regard causes a lot --a lot of upset thoughts because it's like "Dude, if only you didn't come across like such a dummy!" And I smile to myself because who gives a fuck if I am a dummy or not? I will tell you this much: I am real. And, not giving fucks or paying much attention to spelling, is in fact, an actualization of "Pink Floyd's The Wall" and specifically that one song "Another Brick in the Wall" when they say we don't need no thought control, dark sarcasm in the classroom, education and so on, I think to myself "Hey man, Pink Flyod matters!" And so this makes me give less fucks because it is true, that, by cooperating in any way with their machiner