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>not liberal unless you understand liberality is applied by a master.
>Liberty is given to a sailor

I would like to expand on this point in my early post where an astute question was asked. This serves my porpoises for the year in an expanding way.

So, the textbook for the year will be: "Two Years Before the Mast" by Richard Henry Dana Jr. >>>

Two year of service before the mast. Hmm, that shouldn't be hard should it? A sailor's life is easy is it not? I mean what is there to do except lounge about like at the lake, sunning self?

Well, as I explained above. "liberty" is given to men who are essentially, paid slaves. And, nothing, no book I can give you, explains this more easily, than this book. The book also explains how men are gotten, driven, and returned. It also speaks to many other things.

Then I allude to Davey Jones of course, who is just any old Scotsman captain, who through spite and loss, makes a deal with the devil, the British Dutch East India Company. Or, one could say, they had held him, by holding his heart. Think long on this as you read the book above, this Summer, and think on the word "Captain"

It can also mean a flag. Also there are more nodes here to connect in terms of filmic or television depictions/hypnogoguery that tell us what to think when we hear that word. So, if we were to understand spaceships, and also, seagoing vessels, then we would also understand merchant marine, and military Marine, to be not the same thing, but also, that these are almost utterly bound unto one another, in these terms: You will jump into the ocean to save your beloved fellows, or crewmate. Can the landlubber say the same thing?

Thus, landlubbers have completely different views. These do not see that they are more owned and crewed, than them what go to sea. And, in this book, the writer, the collegiate learned man of his crew, alludes to the idea that "We may never return to Boston." and he is shewn the true nature of white slaver, in form and reason. So in some ways, this book, is a historical tip of the cap to George Lucas, who made one of the best off the cuff remarks any Jedi could hope for when he said white slavers had captured the force. Hah, that is so top-jew, to take their money and slap their face at the same time. No wonder they run the property as they do. But I guess what I am saying is, if you were on a ship, run by [insert religious captain here] as we see in the Pirates(tm) films, the gathering of Pirate captains, is religious, with the oldfag Pirate Keith Richards, and his rabbis, busting out the gigantic rulebook/codebook/held secret talmudic learnings, etc. And notice when the little muslim dude says to reject the code, he is shot.

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